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  1. Kryspin_CZ


    Yes, there are many messages. About first blood, medals etc.
  2. Kryspin_CZ


    HI, I can't see messages from UT Announcer. Sound is all right, but no text.
  3. Kryspin_CZ

    HP team bar

    HP teambar is now without tank symbols.
  4. Kryspin_CZ

    Game does not return to port after match completion

    Hi. I have the same problem. After battle game hibernate in this screen. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  5. Kryspin_CZ


    THX for help I tried change in editor.
  6. Kryspin_CZ

    Battle loading screen

    THX for information
  7. Kryspin_CZ


    PLs, help me with edit UT_announcer. I would like to heart sounds only for my kills, not ally . I dont understand, how edit. THX for help
  8. Kryspin_CZ

    Battle loading screen

    Hi, in which file is config for loading battle screen. Right side is mirrored and with vehicle tiers. I would have this screen without tiers and no mirrored.
  9. I cannot use airstrike and artillery strike in strongholds. When i push key 7 or key 8, game freeze and attack view isnt see correctly. In fresh game its ok.
  10. After instalation ESL mod compilation dont work correctly. see image. Kryspin first image after instalation, second before instalation

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