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  1. Here is the screenshot shot you asked for regarding my problem.  Appreciate your help on this.  Thanks.



    Screenshot 2016-05-13 15.16.48.png

    1. Darth_Clicker


      If this is happening often, I suggest that you create a post in the Issues and bug reporting section of the forum.  Include your screenshot there.  Unfortunately, I have never experienced this behavior and the request window itself does not give me a clue.  But, maybe someone else has already dealt with this issue before.  Sorry I could not be of any help and good luck.

    2. BobfromFords


      I appreciate your time Darth.  I'll continue to investigate and should I find anything I'll let you know.  Thanks again.

  2. BobfromFords

    Freezing in Hangar "Updating Crew"

    This worked for me. Thanks.

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