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  1. TheBlueScreenOfDeath

    missing crew skill info

    No, there is something different on the first screenshot than your sight.
  2. TheBlueScreenOfDeath

    missing crew skill info

    @arniGX What kind of sight do you use? Never seen one that you have in the first screenshot.
  3. TheBlueScreenOfDeath


    I mentioned that cleaning shader cache possibly eliminated problem of the transparent terrain (it didn't appear for two days). Update: the problem returned at the end of third day. Will try to run WOT with disabled shader cache to see if this helps.
  4. TheBlueScreenOfDeath

    Focus in the chat input box

    Tried... doesn't help.
  5. TheBlueScreenOfDeath

    Focus in the chat input box

    I play in full screen mode.
  6. TheBlueScreenOfDeath

    Focus in the chat input box

    It is a long lasting and very annoying issue. At least half year, probably more. When I press Enter in order to write in the battle chat the focus does not appear in the chat input box and I have to use mouse before I can start typing. Maybe it is possible to find an offending mod or write some probably simple mod that will restore focus where it should be? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. TheBlueScreenOfDeath


    Posted it in the chat, will repeat here as well: Two days without lags after i did two things: Removed "Inbattle WN8 calculator" Cleaned Nvidia shaders cache by disabling and re-enabling this feature via Nvidia control panel. Also the second action possibly eliminated the issue with transparent terrrain that i periodically had.
  8. TheBlueScreenOfDeath

    Mod battle hits button missing

    I seen such message once, but not in this case. When I started this topic I was installing a mod from Custom_mods folder and it included gambiter.guiflash_0.2.5.wotmod which caused the issue. When it happened again, I thought that I have to update my zip with a new version, but it turned out that my zip is OK and this time you installed wrong version.
  9. TheBlueScreenOfDeath

    Mod battle hits button missing

    Hello, same issue again, but now it is your fault ;-) You install two versions of the same mod: gambiter.guiflash_0.2.5.wotmod and gambiter.guiflash_0.2.5.1.wotmod Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. TheBlueScreenOfDeath

    Mod battle hits button missing

    Sorry, my bad. There was an 3rd party mod with outdated common mod files.
  11. TheBlueScreenOfDeath

    Mod battle hits button missing

    Hello, since previous modpack version the battle hits button missing in the mods menu in garage. Today I installed up to date modpack version and verified, that it is selected - still no button. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  12. TheBlueScreenOfDeath

    Unable to shoot

    Yes, I know. Please note, that it is rare (it happened to me couple of times in different GAME CLIENT versions), but very unpleasant issue and I believe it is not related to the minor updates in your modpack. I think you should be aware of it and maybe forward information to mods developers.
  13. TheBlueScreenOfDeath

    Unable to shoot

    Hello, this is rare issue that happened to me one or two times in the past and happened again in my last game. When it happened I was unable to shot, LMB did nothing. Please note errors in the log just before last game start. (I killed the client and started again in order to be able to play.) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  14. TheBlueScreenOfDeath

    Arty Splash Mod

    Bump. An year passed - is there any update? Would like to know, whether it is allowed to use this mod amd then you maybe can add it.
  15. TheBlueScreenOfDeath

    No config file for Battle Assistant

    Yeah, my bad... Almost everything is configurable - show/hide, set position on screen etc.

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