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  1. Bozis

    XVM problems

    Thanks a lot...it worked as a charm:) So..seems that i had individual bug in xvm:)
  2. Bozis

    XVM problems

    I tried everything....no changes.Just will wait for new XVM release.
  3. Bozis

    XVM problems

    No idea. Didn't change anything in XVM or mod pack options etc. Hopefully on new XVM release this bug will disappear.
  4. Bozis

    XVM problems

    Any solutions?
  5. Bozis

    XVM problems

    Section: The XVM player statistics, last two options(with 6 rating colours) dont work properly, if you select them then during the game all WN8 ratings appear RED ...doesn't matter if the player has WN8 400....or 2000. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Hey tankers! Got following problem-Battle Assistant is conflicting with extraAim mod, it doesn't show shell fly time etc. while in Assistant mode. Is it only with me or anyone else has same the problem?
  7. Bozis

    v. mods

    Game is unplayable on RU servers with Your modpack right now:(. Hopefully WG will release new patch soon.
  8. Bozis

    v. mods

    Yeap,modpack works in battle just fine, but in hangar there are problems with vehicles research pane,when you click on vehicle research to change modules, modules disappear. PROTANKI updated his modpack and wrote that there are some changes that new patch caused.
  9. Bozis

    v. mods

    Hello! On RUS servers is released minorpatch v. Are You plannig to update mods for this patch? Thanks.
  10. Bozis

    Vehicle info panel

  11. Bozis

    Vehicle info panel

    Hello! Could You add minimalistic vehicle info panel mod? such as: Just reload time and view range. Thank You in advance:)

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