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  1. stylerod

    Sixth sense still reacting slowly

    I'm having the issue also. Tried different sounds but it happens on all of them. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. Yeah, I'm having the same issue. Bummer. Would be nice if it was just one mod that is causing it.
  3. stylerod

    Battle Hits

    I also get a crash wAslains_WoT_Logs.ziphen trying select Battle Hit Viewer. Attached are the logs. Thanks so much for all you do Aslain!
  4. Thanks for posting this. Disabling Battle Observer fixed my Chat issue while in a game. I'll wait for Aslain to get back before trying again.
  5. stylerod

    Contour Icon problem

    Thank you for this. been bothering me for months and I was just too lazy to research it!
  6. Well that sucks, that was by far my favorite and most valuable mod....
  7. stylerod

    Reversed tank names

    Thank you for this. I've just been living with it and finally decided not to be lazy and search what was causing it.
  8. stylerod

    Game time, FPS and Ping missing

    Thanks man!!!
  9. stylerod

    WoT modpack - work in progress

    Nope, I put this in the Bug section also. Those fields are just blank. I have no numbers in the Game Time, FPS or Ping fields on the top of the screen in game. The game runs fine, just no information in those fields.
  10. stylerod

    Thank you, Aslain!

    Yeah, absolutely man. While you are away from home and still quickly bringing us what you can. Awesome dude. Thanks so much.
  11. Anyone else have blanks in those fields after installing the v9.15.1.01 mod?
  12. stylerod

    WoT modpack - work in progress

    Anyone lose their game time, FPS and Ping after loading the mod?
  13. I guess I figured it out. There is a scroll wheel option in the Zoom section. I disabled it and now it works. Not sure how it got selected in the first place but glad it is working now.
  14. Hey all. Updated my modpack and now can't zoom anymore (Zoom maybe works to 4x?). I have reinstalled clearing the cache, changed zoom options and reinstalled a mod pack from a few days ago. But still no zooming. Any idea's would be great. Amazing how hard this game is when you can't zoom. Thanks! _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  15. stylerod

    Missing AMX 13 90 From Garage

    Thanks for this. Was missing my E100 from the carousel. Reinstalling the newest mod and using the clear cache also fixed this. Just installing the new mod did not fix it.

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