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  1. Unable to open mod installer somehow.

    Ahhh the wondrous smart screen. You can disable it completely by visiting the control panel security tab.
  2. Unable to open mod installer somehow.

    I ment a non windows piece of software. I keep forgetting to make complete sentences
  3. Unable to open mod installer somehow.

    Hmmm interesting. I happen to know of instances of Windows Smartscreen being the issue. However you stated there is no antivirus of any kind running once you try to install. Have you tried installing the software using safe-mode with networking options? (I have no clue if this will work but if it does it is almost certainly a piece of software blocking the install)
  4. Unable to open mod installer somehow.

    Are you, by any chance, using a firewall that is still on?
  5. 4k scaling install window too large

    Yes this is known. We've had the issue before on 1080p displays as well. Back then the issue consisted out of a too high DPI setting which caused the preview window to extend the installer's viewport in an unexpected way.
  6. 4k scaling install window too large

    Odd, that is not supposed to happen. my guess here is that 4k monitors cause a glitch in the calculations for the dimensions. I personally can't confirm the issues as I do not own a 4k monitor. but I'm sure we'll be able to fix this soon.
  7. 4k scaling install window too large

    As I was part of the dev cycle that created the scalability of the installer, I can confirm that scaled DPI settings are currently NOT supported by the installer. DPI settings should be 100% and that should fix the issue you're experiencing. The scalability for DPI settings might be implemented at a later time, but for now that's all I can give you to go on.
  8. Custom Installation profiles

    Everybody loves a good necro post for the time being this still exists: It should accomplish what you are trying to do.
  9. gui size

    Could you guys check if you are on 100% DPI (a higher setting could also cause this)
  10. Suddenly: Russian!

    If I only had time
  11. Suddenly: Russian!

    I did when I activated it but no such thing happened to me in .04 ahh well. time to lock this topic nah?
  12. Suddenly: Russian!

    Why am I not surprised... with .04 this worked just fine though. I'll read next time instead of just spamming "NEXT"
  13. Suddenly: Russian!

    Welp so I guess some statistics mod is fucking this up but if you look at the simplified statistics thing the first line is Russian. This is only the case on tanks where shit needs to be researched
  14. Aslain's WoT ModPack v9.14.53 error

    They key is in the words So 9.15.x isn't available yet. Sorry to disappoint you.
  15. Most likely a firewall issue. Try re-configuring or manually granting the installer internet acces.