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  1. Fbomb

    Game start freeze

    I thought me game was freezing, but then I glanced at hard drive led--it hammers HARD for 30 seconds at the beginning and end of every match, such that the pc can't do anything until it's done, been doing it since I took a break from June thru August, so I can't tell if it's a mod, or some change in the game
  2. Fbomb

    Caps Lock acting like alt-tab?

    Finally figured it out---the damn Logitech software made a small popup in the lower right corner every time I hit caps-lock. Apparently, such things throw the game down into the task bar. Can't see a way to stop the popup, but it does allow me to disable the button
  3. Fbomb

    Caps Lock acting like alt-tab?

    Ok, downloaded latest, played one match, toggled the caps lock a time or two, hope this helps Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Darndest thing. I doubt it has to do with the mod-pack, but for several weeks, whenever I hit caps-lock, I land on desktop, and have to click on task bar to get back into the battle. Can't find anyone else who has this issue (I don't have caps-lock assigned to ANYthing.)
  5. Fbomb

    mirrored contour icons on enemy side

    That's awesome you figured that out, I've been having that pop up mebbe 1 of 10 battles for most of a year...it's annoying as heck
  6. Fbomb

    Pmod penetration indicator

    I take that back, it DOES work, the numbers just arent there very long. I was assuming I had to set something in game, etc
  7. I always click on it in the mod pack, but it never seems to work, and I've never really bothered with it beyond that. (I seriously doubt it's a 'bug') What else ought I do to make it work?
  8. Fbomb

    Aslain to Hospital

    Hope it all works out well Aslain
  9. Fbomb

    Opposing teams tank names backwards

    I havent uninstalled the game in a couple years, might try that next time I get somewhere with good internet. I'm assuming there isn't a ready answer to this issue
  10. Fbomb

    Opposing teams tank names backwards

    Still get this every 3rd or 4th match or so...utterly stumped as to cause/effect. When this happens, damage mods, etc, don't work either, fwiw.
  11. button got unmapped?
  12. Fbomb

    Opposing teams tank names backwards

    Starting a new battle while previous one (and my dead tank) still ongoing seems to be the only constant
  13. Fbomb

    Opposing teams tank names backwards

    Still does it once in a blue moon, can't seem to find a correlation. Seems to cure itself in between battles tho
  14. Fbomb

    Opposing teams tank names backwards

    Did it once last night (only played like 11 battles) with contacts list closed. I clicked for the next match, and then the screen went black for an inordinate amount of time...was about to reboot pc, and the screen came back. The game had re-started during that span, was about 20 seconds into that next match, and icons were now correct. (Didn't have stats or anything, but that came back on the following match) I dunno, it's too sporadic to diagnose at this point. I expect whatever combination of thins cause it will go away soon enough
  15. Fbomb

    Opposing teams tank names backwards

    I get this very thing also--ONLY the enemy stuff gets backwards. In addition, all other XVM-type stuff ceases working, it's like I'm playing vanilla. Restarting game doesn't fix it, have to reboot pc Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip

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