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  1. i have the samme... and i dont have any skin mode inst.,.... :(
  2. soo, i gues go back to your shety mode if aslain is not fitt for you ;P
  3. congratz! and you are right in all what you say above ;). it be good to all wot players to read your topic, its good to know :), and again good job...
  4. samoritu

    Harpoon Sight translation

    this is a god idee ;), let me know when you done i need it too... ;)
  5. samoritu

    Window host

    nice post... :) you have problems with your sistem...
  6. samoritu

    country flag

    i dit 10 battels and no changes....(
  7. samoritu

    country flag

    ok, thx, let's do this...:)
  8. samoritu

    country flag

    how can i change my country flag to romanian?
  9. samoritu

    gun sound

    you dont have to open a new topic to say this.. :)) you just have to replay on his/her topic , you know.... :P
  10. omg... another antivirus publicity... i sayd before... use another fk mod if you dont like this one... dont comme here with blushit ;)
  11. samoritu

    Infected? W32.Rogue.Gen?

    oh, so u are not sure? then pls do so, and dont post here storys.... ;) Aslain mods are clean u know :P and slow down with porns... :))
  12. samoritu

    annoying wot pop-up advertisement

    u have a pop or addon istalated in your browser... go to option and check the pop-s buton to block or uninstal somme addons
  13. samoritu

    Zombie Infection in V4.0.17?

    :o :huh: :rolleyes: ....no comment...
  14. its because you use another mode (recticle)....or use it before Aslain mod pack

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