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  1. Tankbeard

    Mission Assistant

    Thanks Quaksen.
  2. Tankbeard

    Mission Assistant

    Since I can not get you to respond in general chat I ask you sir where is the mission assistant located in your mod pack. I can not seem to be able to sift through the list to find it.
  3. Same issue... EAI has error in log
  4. Look man I know this issue is basic and well known. It is not like this hasn't happened to thousands of us.... I just hoped you would have given me the exact mod so I could have pulled it out of the pack. This way we could have had this documented so the next guy didn't have to go through this issue. And, I try not to give out my game info unless it is absolutely necessary. Thanks for being here, and keep up the great work!
  5. I spent the last hour going through every mod I updated since 9.16.01 to Aslains most recent update. It takes time to do this but whatever mod it was >it is fixed now!< No logs for you!
  6. I am getting a black shadow at the load of each battle at ally base. As I leave the base it goes away. I had this problem a year ago with another mod pack I "was" using and the creator had me pull out a mod but I can not remember which mod caused this issue. One of Aslains mods is causing this and I am sure this is NOT a graphics issue on my end! What say you?
  7. Tankbeard

    Big black circle

  8. Tankbeard

    Big black circle

    Yeah I see that now. But can ya answer the question rather than having to make a whole separate post .... Or shall I take my money to Solo?
  9. Tankbeard

    Big black circle

    Big Black circle follows me through battle and game language is in Polish or Russian or some other language other than English. Any thoughts? I updated from 9.16.01 to 9.16.10
  10. Updated to 4.10 today and all I see is a white out!! What say you? Screen shot attached!
  11. Tankbeard

    @ Aslain> Here is the pic requested.

    FFS.....Thats some Bull Shizzle right there..........WG!!! Fuggin WG. Well thanks N E wayz!!! Cheerz
  12. Aslain, So, (Under Vehicle research and mission progress/Personal Score) This is a pic of the end of battle screen or whatever you call it. I used to see my gross amount made then below it would show exp then under that it would show my net credits. It would also show my hit percentage and some other stuff...Now all it shows is Gross credits and Exp... Does this make sense?
  13. This has been happening to me since Monday. So what does everyone think is the cause and is their a fix or is Aslains mod pack finished?
  14. Tankbeard

    Game crasches...

    I have been having random game crashes ever since Monday... Never had this issue before... Never had this issue with this mod pack either. These crashes are completly random and happen with every release you put out as well so getting the new installer will not fix it i bet.... Any one else??
  15. Tankbeard

    Load circle

    In the beginning of every game I have a red circle that goes from small to big, small to big and so on for the 30 second countdown then it goes normal. The circle is my sniper scope circle. Anyone else haiving this issue? TB

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