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  1. let's play together: https://playtogether.worldofwarships.eu/invite/r5YkZx3
  2. try yo play vanila... its better :)) why do you need anyway mods if you dont know how to use it??
  3. tanncc


    you post in the wrong lace dude... this is for Armored not Wot....
  4. hi,check this link below , you have to make a new account and start to have fun. at first random battle you get the Diana premium tire2 cruiser and at first battle in a tire 6 ship, you get the great tire 5 Texas premium battleship! and more rewards to.here its the link: http://playtogether.worldofwarships.eu/invite/4G5JLzv check it out ,start and have fun p.s. then you get a code to for play with you friends and earn more credits and stuff to. edit, if you use the code pls add me in the game to chat and help each other, my name is shiplordy ,or let me know here,thank you
  5. i don't have this issue.... it works just fine.....
  6. tanncc

    add this new sound for Tiger

    it's awesome!! cool sound ;)
  7. tanncc

    9.7 WN8 problem

    hmm..no wonder why its full with""""""""""late the game....i gues you have 5-6 premium tanks to in you garage and dont know what to do with them...all tire 9 :P omfg
  8. tanncc

    These new updates

    what? are you post for wot or for aslain??? :)) :))
  9. tanncc

    Tactical map

    https://www.copy.com/s/KaOUc9Pa0gcdaj8s/0.9.6 it is good this one?
  10. tanncc

    Tactical map

    is good for new players to learn the maps tactics ;), so will you add in the mod pack?
  11. tanncc

    Tactical map

    hy Aslain,can you ad this mod to your mod pack? i guess is useful for many players ... is cal Walhalla_tactical map.

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