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  1. SoftwareSimian

    Forum email notifications missing?

    And suddenly, for no apparent reason, after 2 months of email silence I'm now getting email notifications again. No idea what happened, but I'm not complaining if it wants to work again.
  2. SoftwareSimian

    Forum email notifications missing?

    And yet I don't get the notifications any longer :/
  3. SoftwareSimian

    Forum email notifications missing?

    I guess nobody else has this problem, nor any suggestions on how to fix it?
  4. About two weeks ago I suddenly stopped receiving forum notifications of updated threads. I have tried unfollowing and refollowing a topic, I have tried changing the email address in my profile, but nothing. And no, it's not in my spam folder Now, of course, the trick is to remember to come back to this thread in a day or two to see if anyone has suggestions, because it won't notify me of any replies
  5. SoftwareSimian

    Auxilium -- Unexpected spending of GOLD for camo

    Also having a problem with equipment being randomly on or not on my tank. I've always used the XVM equipment auto-return and it's always worked flawlessly. Since the auto-camo option has been available, however, camonet/binocs/toolbox may or may not be remembered on my tank. Sometimes they're loaded, more often they're not. I have the new camouflage auto-load set, but the equipment (and consumables, etc) option disabled for the new mod, using XVM version, and it doesn't work right. I have also tried it the other way, with the XVM version disabled and the new auto-equip enabled. This also doesn't work right. So many times I've gone into battle and wondered where my camonet and binocs are
  6. SoftwareSimian

    Torrent download issues

    The .torrent file on harmless.hu (where the download link points to) for v9.22.0.1 #14 is missing. Grabbing the .torrent from one of the other links (e.g. usa01) works.
  7. SoftwareSimian

    Torrent download issues

    For v9.22.0.1 #07, the .torrent link points to 06 instead of 07 The correct 07 file is on the server, just the link is wrong.
  8. SoftwareSimian

    Torrent download issues

    .torrent file is missing again (all mirrors) for v9.21.0.2 #12 Has been fixed now, thanks.
  9. SoftwareSimian

    Torrent download issues

    .torrent file is missing (all mirrors) for v9.21.0.2 #10 http://eu.blackboxservers.net/Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. http://eu25.gamersplatoon.com/Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. http://usa01.gameservers.global/Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. http://aslain.harmless.hu/Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v.
  10. v. fails with 404-not-found for "contouricons_j1mbo_9210b.7z"
  11. SoftwareSimian

    Torrent download issues

    .torrent link has a typo, ...v. should be ...v.
  12. SoftwareSimian

    Crash to desktop after battle finishes

    Crashes to desktop sometimes (not every battle, but has happened maybe 5 times today), and only if I stay in the battle until the very end. Instead of going back to garage it just crashes silently to desktop. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. SoftwareSimian battle loading issue

    At a quick glance it seems to include logs for the last little while, not sure if it's time or size limited, but for me it included the several freeze+reload from today, as well as some battles from yesterday before 9.21 Presumably Aslain has made it gather whatever info he needs, just run it and attach the resulting zip file (~100kB in my case)
  14. SoftwareSimian battle loading issue

    I did
  15. SoftwareSimian battle loading issue

    I just found the same thing (v9.21.0 #01). Tried my first game in the Badger and it wouldn't load. Restarted the client twice, no change. Restarted in Safe Mode and it loaded fine. Of course, my tank was a smouldering wreck and I lost $30k for my trouble, but it's certainly mod-related. Which mod, exactly, I'm not sure. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip

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