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  1. vito74m

    CROSSHAIR SF-3 by Vito74m

    HI ALL I present my new crosshair. The colors chosen so as to be clearly visible on each map sea. I've added a climatic old photographs :) "his beloved image in the viewfinder panel" I've added a device with a light beam defining an aiming point. Crosshair is available in two versions. FULL and SOFT. ----------------------- FULL - recommended resolution of 1920x1080 (FHD) SOFT - all resolutions ------------------------------ Crosshair includes a gun markers, tailored to the crosshair !!! ------------------------------ SF-3 FULL - DOWNLOAD ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- SF-3 SOFT - DOWNLOAD
  2. Last update 19-11-2015
  3. vito74m

    New HUD icons

    UPDATE 8 Our reconnaissance and patrol aircraft are now marked in blue.
  4. vito74m

    NEW Ambient Sounds ready
  5. vito74m

    CROSSHAIR "GoldSpider" ready
  6. vito74m

    SHIP SKIN ready
  7. vito74m

    New optional FIRE ALERT frame ready
  8. vito74m

    Improved icons SHIPS IMPROVEMENT ready
  9. vito74m

    NEW Ship icons ready
  10. vito74m

    New HUD icons ready
  11. vito74m

    WoWs - GunSound ! ready
  12. vito74m

    Damage Log set vito74m ready

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