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  1. I can download the file from direct download #3, and go in and choose what mods I want, but when I try to install it hangs up and times out before finishing. If I uncheck all contour icons, it loads fine. No matter which contour icon I chose, it will hang up, I've tried about all of them. Wouldn't be an issue except the contour iconsare important as I can't make out the color differences in the vanilla ones. Any ideas? This is the first time I've run into this.
  2. I didn't have the tessu mod or battle observer loaded. However I did have the updater loaded. Got rid of that and everything works. Thanks
  3. Thanks. I tried to remove the ones I saw crashed in the python log, but not very computer savvy so I'm sure I missed something. Will try removing tessu mod and see what happens.
  4. OK I try and load into the game and I get the screen that has the play button. I click that and it goes to the loading screen for a few seconds and then everything vanishes. if I click on WOT again, it warns me it is running. However when I go into task manager it doesn't show in the Apps section as usual, it shows up in the background processes section. Have never run into this on any other Aslain download over the past couple of years. Thanks for any help _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  5. Just an FYI. This has happened ever since the first version that showed the garage mods. When the installer is open, and I'm choosing what to install, under garage mods the autoequip is checked. If I try and uncheck it, or click one of the choices associated with it, it locks up the installer. I have to use task manager to disable the program, nothing else works.
  6. I have .6 installed and disabled XVM hitlog and OTM's and both the chat and Esc key are working now. not sure which of those are causing the problem.
  7. WIKD

    Clan Icons not showing

    Thanks Aslain. No I had not checked there. For some reason it was working on the last edition before 9.12 so I assumed something was wrong. I just checked and the clan setting was set to 0 for some reason. Thanks for the quick reply and help.
  8. Can't seem to get the clan icons to show near players names, or anywhere. tried reloading with all three boxes checked that should be for clean install, remove contents of DLC cache and reset game settings. Thanks.
  9. WIKD

    Question on modpack

    Thank you Sir, that makes it much easier. If I can ask one more question. If I add a crosshair and then do not like it in the game, do I have to install the latest patch all over again to change the crosshair?
  10. First off, thanks Aslain. Your modpack is a great addition to my game. My question is, with so many options, is there anyplace that explains what most of them are? Or should I just google each one? Being new to the game, any help is greatly appreciated.

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