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  1. UI Scale Mod

  2. UI Scale Mod

    Thanks for adding 0.75 scale. I think 0.85 might be a little better scale.
  3. UI Scale Mod

    Is there any way to add smaller sizes to UI Scale Mod? Using 1080p monitor, I would like to scale UI to smaller size like streamers using a 4k monitor.
  4. Changing color of enemy from red to...

    go to settings -----> graphics ------> tick colorblind mode
  5. Default to Silver not Working

    Thats what I thought, but figured was worth mentioning just in case. Keep Up The Great Work, Your ModPack makes my WOT so much better
  6. default to silver not working with XVM nightly 7589
  7. Statistics Tab: from XVM Team

    Thank You
  8. Statistics Tab: from XVM Team

    Thanks Just Noticed Vehicle Tier Missing also
  9. Statistics Tab: from XVM Team is missing vehicle Icon, works fine on battle loading screen.
  10. Sword of Damocles mod is causing random shutting off of computer (not just game), Computer would shut down after 5-10 mins of gameplay, After hours of testing/stress testing my computer (no problems) Went back to play WOT, Installed latest update using Standard crosshairs w/ better timer and more. Played all day w/ no problems, decided to play arty for a bit, switched back to Custom SPG crosshairs from Sword of Damocles, 1st game as arty computer shut of after 8 minutes, went back to Standard crosshairs w/ better timer and more, Played for hours w/o a problem. (Files Attached) _Aslain_logs.zip python.log