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  1. deadaim57


    Hi,do you think we will get the>>The Second World War. Day After Day (guns) sound back? This is the best sounds so far. Thanks
  2. deadaim57

    installer error

    Thanks,will do.
  3. deadaim57

    installer error

    Thanks,I will put the check in that box.
  4. deadaim57

    installer error

    Ok that worked,THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! What do you mean by>>>Not playing on EU region? Also do I have the right check marks here when installing?
  5. deadaim57

    installer error

    Thanks for the help! version.xml paths.xml
  6. deadaim57

    installer error

    Hi,when I download the mod and try to install I get a error. Please help!! I am trying to install 1022-02 Thanks
  7. deadaim57


  8. deadaim57


    Will you be adding the sound mod >>>The Second World War. Day After Day (guns) back to the pack? Is this the sound mod that you could here the arty shells coming threw the air? Thanks
  9. deadaim57


    Does anyone know what happen to the mod that you could here the arty shells coming threw the air??? What was the name of that mod? Thanks
  10. deadaim57

    New sound engine and what it means for mods?

    Do you mean the GOOD sounds fron the other mod pack want be in any update? :angry:
  11. deadaim57

    Game Crash

    Ok the harpoon is causing the crash.Took it out and game works great.
  12. deadaim57

    Game Crash

    Ok I have been fighting this all day long. When I click on battle the game goes to the screen where I am waiting on the player's to load.As soon as the game goes to the screen to play and where the clock tict's down the game crashes to the desktop. Even though I am not playing,the game thinks I am and not moving and I get a warning from the game for not moving. How can I move when it crashes to the desktop. Here is what mods I installed>>>> view range circle while still 12 hour clock female tank crew minimalistic stats Harpoon sight Ingnore finish stats UT Annoucer Pack Kriegstreiber's Gun Sounds white dead tank 25% I will delete the Harpoon cross hair because I seen they cause problem and hope this will help. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  13. deadaim57

    Patch 9.7 on NA

    :huh: Ok I installed the mod pak and its not working,now i have to reinstall the game again!! Any suggestions?

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