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  1. General_Zaud

    Hanging while loading battle

    It happened to me too but removed the WGL skins and no hangup on log in screen...since removal...everything has been perfect...You're the man Aslain...Many thanks
  2. General_Zaud

    Auto Aim time mod

    Right on! Thank you SO much
  3. General_Zaud

    Auto Aim time mod

    no problem
  4. General_Zaud

    Auto Aim time mod

    It was removed to update the mod...Hopefully it'll be back soon..Happy Hunting
  5. General_Zaud

    I'm missing the auto aim snap to.

    I havent played WOT since they deemed the snap-shot of auto aim + illegal...Ive used that mod since i started playing WOT and thats over 40,000 battles..i know (get a life). The only part of it that SHOULD be illegal is locking on targets behind rocks, building or hills...The vanilla aiming system for WOT SUCKS..You have to be TOO precise...i have to tried to lock onto target 3, 4, 5 times before it actually locks and by that time i am already dead..Like meantioned above, they should widen the clickable sillhouette of the target... I guess I could get used to playing without the snap-shot mod but i'm not sure if its even worth it.It'd almost be like starting all over..Might be a good time to quit all together...Thanks Wargaming...You ruined my WOT gameplaying experience... Thanks Aslain for ALL your work
  6. General_Zaud

    Aslains OTM incomplete

    Thanks a lot!!!
  7. General_Zaud

    Aslains OTM incomplete

    Same Problem....Where can I find the previous version...14? I've deleted it:-( Thanks!
  8. General_Zaud

    crash to desktop...

    Two Steps from Hell was the problem for me...After 20 more battles no more CTD.
  9. General_Zaud

    crash to desktop...

    Two Steps From Hell Music Mod....Sorry...I removed that mod and havent had any problems since...Ive only had like 20 matches but no CTD since I removed that mod...Sucks cause I love the music on it...I'll play today and let you know if I experience any more problems... Love your work Aslain...keep it up
  10. General_Zaud

    crash to desktop...

    i was having CTD every few games with the latest mod pack...I removed the new music mod and have not had any crashes since. i assume it was the music mod that was causing the problem...

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