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  1. Nezalu

    Random CDTs

    Somehow disabling sounds fixed the issue thank you
  2. Nezalu

    Random CDTs

    will do and report back. for now i'm doing clean install again, redownloading etc to eliminate any other potential things and than ill do as you said, install xvm only (and your contur icons coz cant live without it and it is defo not the problem) i will not install and xvm sounds and will edit sounds.xc hope it works and hope it will help others with similar issue.
  3. Nezalu

    Random CDTs

    Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip xvm only + aslain's icons. ctd after around 8 games. As before its either upon leaving or entering garage.
  4. Nezalu

    Random CDTs

    doesnt ERROR: maximum recursion depth exceeded mean that some function is calling in on it self ending up in endless loop? basically someone used wrong function in their mod? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip still crashing to desktop with mod pack #3. No crashes with no mods. latest crash was on exiting battle and entering garadge. in python logs this corresponds to the time stamp : 2017-12-23 08:29:35.942: WARNING: [WARNING] (scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/framework/managers/containers.py, 1255): Loading of view Hangar[0x6e80df30]=[key=ViewKey[alias=hangar, name=hangar], scope=SimpleScope[0x39fadf50]=[scopeType=subView, parentScope=SimpleScope[0x39faded0]=[scopeType=view, parentScope=GlobalScope[0x39fade90]=[scopeType=global, parentScope=None]]], state=0] is requested but the container subView is still not exist! is that anything to do with any of mods? I did clean install of wot yesterday, installed mod pack #2 and today installed mod pack #3.
  5. Nezalu

    Random CDTs

    Crash to desktop sometimes on exiting battle sometimes on start when leaving garage. This time in middle of battle. happens every 5-10 battles more or less. Tried without modpack, things were fine. Tried disabling all garage mods, made no difference. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Nezalu

    XVM do wersji 9.15.1

    mutopompka ma racje, ilosc owiec ktorzy zadaja w kolko te same pytania jest zdumiewajaca. Kulturalnie sie zapytal, ha. Jak by ciebie ktos pytal co 5 minut o to samo? Aslan napisal w kilku miejscach a ty musisz nowego posta zrobic a pytaniem ktore bylo odpowiedziane 50 razy. Nie kultura tylko lenistwo. Aslain ma wakacje dajmy mu spokoj informacje o dostepnych modach i jak zrobic zeby dzialal xvm sa wszedzie wystarczy 2 minuty poszukac a nie truc mu zad, niech sobie odpocznie i tak coezko pracuje w dniu kiedy 9.15.1 wyszedl nie poszedl z rodzina na wycieczke zeby zrobic update ile tylko mogl do jasnej cholery. Minimalny szacunek jaki mozna mu za to oddac to samemu cos poszukac zamiast zasmiecac w kolko tymi samymi pytaniami. Cholera mnie bierze z takimi "kulturalnymi" ludzmi.
  7. Nezalu

    AC3 in 9.15.1

    Test server for 9.15.1. Apparently ui is changing and will now be written in action script 3 so basically all battle interface mods go... down the toilet unless modders rewrite them from start? Is that right? I use almost all modifications from aslain's pack, my battle interface practically doesn't have any objects not moded, I am sure I am not only one. And in the name of those of us... anyone have any predictions what will happen? I mean, for example, melty's math mod crosshair will be available, any one know which modders are already rewriting their mods in ac3? Or should we start getting used to classic battle interface now to avoid shock when 9.15.1 hits and all just stops working.
  8. Nezalu

    MeltyMap's Mathmod Crosshair help

    Let me check: I understand the numbers under crosshairs center (197/160 in the picture from above post). My question was regarding things I pointed at with red arrows. Am I to understand from what you wrote that this green thin line: closer to horizontal is closer to 0 degrees and closer to vertical is closer to 90 degrees (following thta armor is at 100% at 0 deg, auto bounce is at 70 deg and 90 deg is same surface as armor surface)? What about this green arc pointed at picture with down arrow. Is it: arc to the left of green line is current pen power +25% rng and arc to the right of green line is -25% rng of pen power?
  9. Nezalu

    MeltyMap's Mathmod Crosshair help

    Thanks. I went through whole thread and there is no answer there to this question. I posted request for help and link to this thread here. Also, I've send PM to RazNaRok as you suggested linking this thread and asking for help.
  10. Nezalu

    MeltyMap's Mathmod Crosshair help

    Sure, sorry. In below picture, thin green line extending from the center of aim pointed at by red arrow. Green arc to both sides of the line sticking to the aim circle, pointed at with red arrow. They do change depending what part of tank is being aimed at. My question is... what does it tell me. What it means if this arc is smaller on left and/or right side? This thin green line is either more vertical or horizontal, what does that mean? I have few friends who are really confused as well. If anyone could lay this out like to a total dummy, this dummy sitting at this pc writing this post would be really grateful :) And few other dummies too :)
  11. I have been using Aslain's mod pack for long time and I love it. Donated few times, I think with so often updates and compatibility problems solved etc it is worth subscription :) Anyway, crosshairs I am using from Aslain's pack are Meltymap's Mathmod and I love them. All information on it is really useful. Apart from one that I do not understand. In the picture below, on the right side, middle of screen is description of two items from the center of crosshairs. "Possible to penetrate if target armor arc is less than this arc" and the +-25% penetration power". I did some testing in team battle mode having my second account with tank I was aiming at trying to figure those two out and I just don't understand. This line pointing up and right from center... what is it meant to tell me? And that green arc to the left and right of this line... Please don't assume I don't understand armor angling and bouncing etc, I just don't understand what this particular tool is telling me :( I am sorry, I may be a bit stupid here but I would really appreciate help in understanding those two tools. I will use help that I get here to make video with explanation of all features in this crosshair mode for other confused people like me, but I need to understand this last bit that I just can't figure out on my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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