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  1. Atleast give me the source links of rust free skins pl.
  2. are there german dd skins available anywhr. ? rust free skins or otherwise .
  3. There is a camo selector mod in the modpack ; anyone knows how to use it perfectly ?
  4. Alright but bigger torpedo warning icons r really useful when playing BB, if u can include them please ?
  5. When we directly install blueman's detection mod from its source ( ) it shows bigger & better torpedo warning icons , but when we install this mod from ur modpack, torpedo icons remains small.
  6. yep dendyt quit WOT, but someone can continue his work cuz these skins r really beautiful & i think u can help in this regard as u hav many contacts.
  7. Again requesting updated version of these skins as these hit skins r most good looking ones.
  8. Yep i selected the non-xvm option & man1aq icons but in the selected components list it shows as if i have selected the xvm option, dont know whts the issue.
  9. well u could hav asked for neon color smoke borders
  10. Hello all, Is there any good contour icons mod that works without xvm ? Thnx.
  11. Aslain pl. post a reminder.
  12. Seems like major has forgot about this thing, pl. someone put a reminder on his forum topic.
  13. So whenever a BB loses a portion of its repairable HP, its shown as a greyed out area, but its difficult to judge whether its the right time to use its Repair party consumable or not ; cuz we r not sure about the exact size of that greyed out area that can fully use up the Repair Party consumable , for example if we activates the repair party consumable too early when the size of grey area is small then we will just end up wasting our consumable. Now a suitable MOD can show us the exact amount of width of that grey area that will fully use up the consumable. nvm just an idea
  14. YEP this solved the issue, btw i have some other files also in profiles folder, should i delete them too ? Anyway ur great , many thnx for this much attention u paid.
  15. so what to do now ? should i delete that folder ?