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  1. Seems like major has forgot about this thing, pl. someone put a reminder on his forum topic.
  2. So whenever a BB loses a portion of its repairable HP, its shown as a greyed out area, but its difficult to judge whether its the right time to use its Repair party consumable or not ; cuz we r not sure about the exact size of that greyed out area that can fully use up the Repair Party consumable , for example if we activates the repair party consumable too early when the size of grey area is small then we will just end up wasting our consumable. Now a suitable MOD can show us the exact amount of width of that grey area that will fully use up the consumable. nvm just an idea
  3. YEP this solved the issue, btw i have some other files also in profiles folder, should i delete them too ? Anyway ur great , many thnx for this much attention u paid.
  4. so what to do now ? should i delete that folder ?
  5. yes i hav
  6. Anybody here from NA forum ? could he please post my request here : Thnx.
  7. LOL, I have tried all 0, 0.0, 0.01, 0.05 but none working. I m attaching the file. It seems some other mod in the modpack have freezed the settings on my side cuz otherwise the mod is working ok. settings.xml
  8. Already tried that thing myself, but sadly its not working
  9. Can anybody made majorRanegade Ship Icons v.7 which only shows Radar/sonar ranges of ships ? It will be very handy for DD players.
  10. NO replies uhhh..........
  11. Hi all, Can anybody help me about how to change settings of this mod so that it does not show camera beam line on the minimap, that line is confusing me a lot ? Thnx.
  12. Thnx 4 clarification. I was worried cuz i use ur wows modpack.
  13. Are n't all mods in aslain wows mod pack legal ? Please refer to this : illegal without#topmost
  14. srry Aslain but yellow is written for backward when we check open 'ruuning_lights.xml' ?
  15. what does voilet colour signifies ?