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  1. @Scur u need not worry, Aslian wil remove any mod if WG changes its mind on that later on.
  2. @Capt_Reginald_Black atleast we both agree on one point , Aslain is doing gr8 service for the community .
  3. i wil give u some links to u guys when i wil get some free time. srry right now little busy.
  4. Then start visiting the site i mentioned regularly & u wil come to know the truth.
  5. Tomatoes remain tomatoes even if they using a cheat mod. Even using cheat mods needs brain
  6. Certainly not, author of the website is also frm eu
  7. In the begining i was not aware of Aslain Mods pack & was used to downloading mods from websites like this : From my exp. there & after playing 20k battles ; i m pretty sure most of the player base is using cheat mods.
  8. Do an honest survey & u wil come to know . Although that does not mean Aslain modpack is anyway related to that.
  9. @Aslain Please do let best hit skins die
  10. Dude than probably u dont know how WOT has been converted into 'World of Cheat Mods' since last 3-4 years. 90% of its player base is using one or other cheat mods.
  11. I know that Primary ship filter MOD has been requested many times since the launch of game , but sadly no body has yet implemented this . Its high time somebody take up this job please.
  12. Aslain please pay attention.
  13. Can u pl. request the author to change it to some lesser used button ?
  14. 'ALT' toggling of ship names remains active even if we choose 'ship names always on' tick box during installation. Pl. look into this.
  15. Atleast give me the source links of rust free skins pl.