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  1. Shooting problems

    just uncheck autoaim plus and u will able to shoot again
  2. able log in now in and use xvm with this pack >>v. #00 (25-10-2017) on Asian server Contouricons Autoaim still bugged
  3. Hello Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v.9.20.1_06a is not working on Asian server tried fresh install cleared game and modpack cache. I managed to get into garage with nightly xvm though which is >> WoT 9.20.1-ASIA . I know its not your teams fault everything happening coz of unprepared server update. Plz fix this, tournament in few hours i cant play a single game without your mods.
  4. Hello Please consider adding this sixth sense sound Ref:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDuJha7U7zE Also add option to configure spot messenger like default turned on or off at start using F11 or 12 key show message in platoon or team battle or pub, in certain tank classes only only Thank you in advance Gd Day
  5. sry to be new

    Hello, some basic steps empty res_mods folder except an empty folder empty "C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net" (will reset ur client) perform integrity check for WOT client still not working>> HOW TO REPORT A BUG OR ISSUE
  6. Frag Numbers and zero

    Hello , go through this thread a solution is proposed by corecroft27 >>
  7. From one game to the next

    ^^ same thing happening here even with some other modpacks Aslain OMC and some more... I believe xvm or some outdated mod is causing this though tough to figure it out.
  8. delete frag bar

    settings>general>uncheck show vehicle markers on battle score under battle interface...GL tunnel visioning
  9. Hello Automount equipment or Telescope mod is causing this [mod which mounts removable equipments like binocs camo repairkit]... auto return is working fine though need to setup equipment in each tank first GL
  10. garage empty

    +1 same problem
  11. Hello people Request consist of two parts feel free to contribute. i] Stats color legend bar (comprising games played, wn8 rating and win-rate) next to tank icon in short panel list, minimalist approach and unnecessary details can be avoided providing more clean and essential interface. . ii] Providing 2 contour icons: contour icons like Ashbanes and Pogs provides much needed info like reload, armour, alpha damage, view range and more but having them on mains is bit too much i propose option to select a minimal icon set like aslain's contour or witblitz or jackhammer and having Pogs or Ashbanes icons under Tab is really handy. . No doubt Aslain's modpack is the only best modpack available in WOT spl when he went universal path. consider adding opinion and suggestions.Just brainstorming to get most out of modpack:)
  12. Confirming removing UI Scale mod and colored messages fix the issue. Thank you so much that was a relief.. May force be with you... Love you brother! Solved !!!
  13. Hello, When tank is destroyed or its detracted text isn't shown. i.e. tracked by xyz or vehicle destroyed by xyz. Having this problem since last patch so current patch isn't the issue.A screenshot, _Aslain_logs.zip, python.log attached along with this report. In safe mode its working fine able to see who destroyed and detracted tank and consumables used. Steps taken before posting this report >> i] Clean install with checked remove content of DLC folder and Reset the game settings and clean up cache. ii] Unchecking colored messages in installation iii] Manually installing fonts avail in download section for aslains modpack iv] Reinstalling game V] Formatting HDD Using windows 10 running in 1366x768 resolution using UI scale mod for same resolution Thank you in advance any help will be appreciated. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  14. Game crash

    Solved: Unchecking Save password box solved the problem for me ! On Asian server we dont get save password box by default.