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  1. Zyklonous85

    Updated Pogs Tank contour icons

    Aslain, Is there a timeframe for this mod to be updated with all the new premiums that have been added lately? Warmest regards, Zyklonous85
  2. Is there a chance for an updated version of Pogs contour icons. Last time it was updated was v1.0.2.1 #06 (17-06-2018):- added contour icons: PogS
  3. Zyklonous85

    Golden Premiums Missing

    Aslain, Any chance of getting KV-2 (R) Valhallan Ragnarok in the gold premiums Warmest regards, Zyklonous85
  4. Zyklonous85

    Crashing to desktop

    thank you for your insight.
  5. Zyklonous85

    Crashing to desktop

    When I open the program WoT and hit play it starts then stops at the remember Page and always crashes to desktop. Can only play in safe mode. What am I doing wrong? Enclosed are the latest logs. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Zyklonous85

    Daniel’s Voicepack (MLG Mod)

    Tried it, but does not work.
  7. Zyklonous85

    Daniel’s Voicepack (MLG Mod)

    Is there anyway to add Daniel’s Voicepack (MLG Mod)
  8. Zyklonous85

    Add new voice pack

    Is there any chance in adding Daniel's Voice Pak (MLG Mod). Preferably the Audio only no visual effects as listed on Odem Mortis website.
  9. Zyklonous85

    Missing Gold Skin ?

    Gold skin mod for the tank caraousel. I am using your current mod..
  10. Zyklonous85

    Missing Gold Skin ?

    Will there be a gold skin for the premium tank M41 90 GF?
  11. Zyklonous85

    Over Target Marker Extension mod

    Is there any way to add the Focus/Support Marker to the mod pack. It is can be seen in the OMC Modpack.
  12. Zyklonous85

    Several request

    That is a nice info panel Big thumb's up!!!!
  13. Zyklonous85

    Clan Symbols

    yes that is what I am talking about. I know if you use the xvm configuration editor to turn them on or you can do it manually by change the false to true under markers alive and dead, extended and normal.
  14. Zyklonous85

    Clan Symbols

    Is there a way to have Clan Symbols show up above the vehicles? Maybe have a yes or no option to choose from when setting up the Mod.

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