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  1. Dikeys93 crosshair does not seem to be working properly. It is lagging bad and unplayable.
  2. cormad

    Tank Crews

    It just sucks for me as my brother has started to play and I'm platooning with him in lower tiers so I move my "elite" TD crew back and forth.
  3. cormad

    Tank Crews

    Exactly, thanks for confirming. it's WG wanting more cash.
  4. cormad

    Tank Crews

    When I move a crew back into an old tank why is the percentage reduced when they came from this tank at 100%. It does not make sense to me and how much does it effect the tank and other perks.
  5. cormad

    Report Tracked vehicles to Artillery

    how does arty know he is aiming at a tracked vehicle in the first place? am I missing something?
  6. Just a Thought :) Is there a modpack that will report tracked vehicles to Artillery ?? That would be nice Cormad
  7. cormad


    I just started to use Mumble and I was wondering if an overlay existed ? (Yes I did Google it) Thanks
  8. cormad

    Win rates ?

    Thanks All....glad i am not missing anything and will continue to work on my "balanced play". I like to focus on my average kills and damage not WR.
  9. cormad

    Win rates ?

    I was just wondering how players get high win rates ? WOT MM seems to have the most control over this. Is the the higher rates from just better single play or is it platoons or something I am missing?
  10. cormad

    ctd from client

    Almace, I wish I new exactly what fixed the issue. I believe it may have been a conflict or setting in IE. I updated everything and did a third re-install and the game finally launched. Sorry I couldn't be a bit more definitive. Time for a new gaming PC ;)
  11. cormad

    ctd from client

    Fixed :)
  12. cormad

    ctd from client

    Just got back from holidays, My problem appears to be larger then my skill set. I definitely think it is a virus :(. It won't let me run window defender and I can't install any virus scanners. Can someone point me to a good PC forum as I do not want to waste anyone's time here. IE seems to freeze when ever I try settings, seems to maybe be a directX issue that is maybe crashing my WOT start up. Thanks.
  13. cormad

    ctd from client

    Updated video drivers, temperature is fine. I did another fresh install with no mods and I'm still crashing on start up. Tonight I will try a virus scan. My PSU may be a bit undersized but it has worked fine until this point. I have had no other PC issues. I just want to relax and play my game :).
  14. cormad

    ctd from client

    Thanks Almace, When I get home is there a log file I can check?
  15. cormad

    ctd from client

    ughh...just back from holidays and did a complete re install after deleting WOT and Aslain pack. Vanilla install and I'm still getting CTD from client start up. WOT forum doesn't seem to be much help.

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