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  1. Tried installing with the 9.4 sounds but got this message. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  2. Killdozer77

    Unwanted Clan Icons and default contour icons

    Click where it says More Reply Options. At the bottom it says Attach Files.
  3. Killdozer77

    Unwanted Clan Icons and default contour icons

    I've attached the requested files. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  4. I have a set of clan and nick icons I have been loading via the custom mod loader. I have the mod1.zip file in the appropriate folder. After today's installer update it loads those icons but it also seems to be loading the top 150 clan icons whether I want them or not. They are not selected in the mod selection screen so I'm not sure whey they keep getting loaded in there. I have clean install selected also. I also seem to be unable to select the default contour icons. I have them selected but it loads a different contour icon pack for some reason. Again I have the clean full install selected.
  5. Killdozer77


    Unfortunatly the crappy players are still gonna be crappy. Just because wotlabs changes thier color doesn't mean they will play better.
  6. Killdozer77

    New tank carousel bug

    Ok my tank carousel has the filters sort of jumbled up. Is there a way to fix this.
  7. Killdozer77

    After update game won't accept password

    No problem. Thanks for the assistance. You're modpack is worth the wait and small time lost reinstalling the game. Hate playing without your modpack.
  8. I installed the .18 update and the game would no longer accept my password. I uninstalled the mod pack and now when I click play on the client the game crashes to desktop. I can still log into the wot website so I don't think it's a wot problem. I uninstalled the game before I read the report bug topic so I don't have the log file. Sorry.

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