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  1. Blitzmoon

    Need help with Battle Observer mod

    in \mods\configs\mod_battle_observer\armagomen is file log_total.json change value x and y /see below/ "settings":{ "align":"center", "inCenter":true, "x":0, "y":30
  2. Blitzmoon

    Not enough memory. Please restart the game.

    Appears after each battle. I think it may be causing Radialmenu. In the game, after pressing the C / reload /, the game freezes for about 1 second.
  3. Error message in notification centre in garage after every game. Not enough memory. Please restart the game. But without any visible error in game. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip After update still OK - 10 games
  4. Blitzmoon

    bad tankname on minimap

    Yes, I was dead. Logs was sent to Aslain.
  5. Hi, I have problem with tankname on minimap. see pictures. Game clones bad tankname.

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