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  1. Pray_For_MH370

    Zoom Mod

    happens to me when new patch (0.7.1) is updated but seem working normal now. BTW im using YAZOM and it is working as intended
  2. just rename your folder to, it should work fine, just played it recently
  3. thanks for the head up, may Aslain get well soon
  4. My Bad, 1st time using Win Merge XD. Malay Translation v6.1.1_06 updated. WoWs_my_translation.ini
  5. Malay Translation v6.1.1_o5 done. WoWs_my_translation.ini
  6. o/ Finish it, enjoy your modpack Malaysian and Indonesian players. Hoping it can help a bit. WoWs_my_translation.ini readme_WOWS_my.rtf
  7. Hello, it is my intention to leave the original name of the mods intact, and many of the english words are shared with Malay language. But i will try to check again and make it as 100% Malay as much as i can. Thanks again for the headup . Cheers.
  8. Hi Aslain, just finishing Malay WoWS translation for #03,
  9. Pray_For_MH370

    Question to Aslain or anyone who knows

    World of Warships folder? ->> Yes Clean res_mods folder? ->> Yes, FULL Current date: 24-03-2016 and time: 22:42:57 Build date: 24-03-2016 Mod-Pack Installer by Aslain Version: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Destination location: E:\Games\world of warship alpha test Setup type: Custom installation Selected components: Player's Panel mods Player's Panel with HP bars (by Monstrofil) icon scale scale 120% Ship Contour Icons [DLC] by hakabase Crosshairs by Alatriste Alatriste 1600 Gun marker shapes marker #10 (by MixX_DeDrug) Camera mods Yet another zoom-out mod (by IKU19) Over Target Markers (OTM) version by Tracks_Destroyer Mods sharing hud_lib.swf file Archer Minimap mods Minimap with ship names and last position Minimap by kvalme Display direction lines (fps intensive!) Semi-transparent Minimap minimap by autospy Login screen [DLC] Login Movie Disable show Myoko picture Tracers No Shell Contrails (by MREBoy) Colored tracers #5 (red) (by _BlackJack) Cruise control More visible cruise control (by Mebius_LW) Compass Elements Move compass elements (rework by Aslain) Chat Improved Chat (Displays ship name in brackets) Various mods More visible torpedoes in water [DLC] Yellow torpedoes in water by Pturbo Clear Vision (by MajorRenegade) Fog Remover by MajorRenegade Base capture timer (by Tarki_Tau) Torpedoes reload counter over guns Damage counter + in-battle clock (alt header by W03L0BED) Alternative Ship HP bar indicator above compass (by AutoSpy) Display damage done in battle results screen Colored Kill Messages with ship name Additional tasks: Installation type Clean install (clean up res_mods folder - RECOMMENDED!) See if my installer option helps, damage panel working as intended :).
  10. Pray_For_MH370

    Question about minimap markings

    easy trick and fix when your circles gone haywire in any ships, just press - or + (minimap resize) and it will show your actual circles.
  11. Good info and excellent information, now i can pick and drop the choice wisely, Thanks again ;) . BTW u still can play WOT with onboard graphic looking at pc spec u provided, Nice.

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