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  1. Perhaps AHK doesnt like the new v1.0 WOT, it wouldnt be related to Aslain's pack You may need to update your AHK version or try 64bit/32bit etc..
  2. m0nstertr4x

    Bug when you rename res_mods !?!?!

    There's also the directory 'mods' which you'll need to clean out. Probably a dependency issue. Its far easier to start the game in 'SAFE mode' from the WOTlauncher
  3. m0nstertr4x

    Aslain's gold premium tanks change option to extra

    Great job on those HDR + Gold premium icon set.. it is perfect! love it love it luuuuvv it hahah
  4. m0nstertr4x

    Move aslain folders and logs

    Hi Aslain, Just a thought, it would be nice if your modpack files etc would all go under WOT\Aslains\**** Instead of straight into the WOT, its creating 5 new directories and a bunch of files It would make things cleaner
  5. m0nstertr4x

    Trouble on Obj.907 remodel

    To be fair, i used this before but never had an issue. It may be an incompatibility together with one of the Avalon skins? I had same issue with T90 model for T62A yesterday. Deleted the mod 2018-01-04 04:04:02.498: CRITICAL: [Exception] [Compound] Failed to load model vehicles/remodels/russian/ZR02_T90A/normal/lod0/Chassis.model! Compound building failed! v. -------------------[ Texture & models ]-------------------------------------- Individual Tank skins -------- France -------- Bat.Chat. 25t (Milkym4n) -------- USA -------- T110E5 Remodel (Milkym4n) M46 Patton KR M46 Patton KR > M46 Tiger (Milkym4n) M48 Patton M48A5 (Milkym4n) T49 (Milkym4n) T34 T34 Heavy (Milkym4n) -------- Germany -------- Rhm. Skorpion Rheinmetall Skorpion G Skin (Milkym4n) Leopard 1A1A1 (Milkym4n) T-55A > T-54AM Remodel (Milkym4n) leKpz M 41 90 mm GF Permaskin Remover leKPz M41 90 mm Removal Grey (Avalon) Dicker Max (with camonets) (TheFalkonett) -------- USSR -------- KV-220-2 > KV-1 KwK 40 (Milkym4n) Obj.140 Obj. 140 > T-64A (Milkym4n) plates in T-62A T-62A > T-90A (Milkym4n) -------- China -------- WZ-111 Alpine Tiger (Avalon) -------- Sweden -------- Primo Victoria (Strv 81) Strv 81 Remodel (Milkym4n)
  6. Have you tried repair your WOT? everything in your logs looks fine. Have you tried running the client in english? cos i see you're using korean.
  7. m0nstertr4x

    One of my tanks never seems to build any experience

    Yes you must remove the checkmark, the xp is currently going to your crew. Leave it unchecked until sufficient XP is available for the Sheridan. The tank holds its elite status meaning that the XP is available for conversion. Proof should be the available XP on the tank in the Convert XP window. The reason why it isnt showing in garage may be a cache bug, try cleaning your cache which is an option with Aslain's installer. In the end.. If there's available XP in the conversion window, it should mean its there on the tank... and you can unlock the Sheridan when its enough. What does it say when you try unlock the Sheridan? How much XP is needed?
  8. m0nstertr4x

    One of my tanks never seems to build any experience

    I'm with Lionheart on this one.. I wasnt getting XP on my scouts until i removed that crew accel. Despite moving tier and having a new tank to grind etc, those lights kept their elite status.
  9. Hi Aslain Please make your garage golden premium tanks a checkbox instead of option. So we can use your golden premiums + brighter or camo tanks for example. Its just a small thing Thanks for your modpacks, quality stuff
  10. m0nstertr4x

    9.15.13 lots of bugs

  11. in short, both have the server sync function for your crosshair but only this mod shows real dispersion circle. muzzle chaos 1. sync turret rotation with server 2. fix crosshair wobble (from stop and go tank movement) 3. sync your crosshair to server crosshair if you enable 'server crosshair' in WOT options. The server crosshair will only work for the aiming point, dispersion circle is based on WOT's ingame mechanics. dispersion circle 1. show real dispersion circle , either as separate circle or replacing your crosshair. option: if you dont like the crosshair provided, you can use crosshair_sniper.swf (the aiming circle selected out of your modpack) 2. can sync dispersion and aiming with server (no need to check server crosshair in WOT). Why dont you just run it with your deegies, and see what it does instead of browsing for pictures. Its only like 4 files in total, easy to add and easy to remove. anyway.. this is my last comment on the topic. as i said, its a recommendation as its not my mod. take it or leave it thx for the modpack Aslain
  12. I use Spoter with muzzle chaos, if i enable the server crosshair its just too jittery which is super distracting- i play with 250ms The oldskool server crosshair is just nonsense If you like deegies, you can use the 'single circle' option and add the dispersion mod as your second circle. Ofc the dispersion circle can also do server sync and/or replace the original aiming circle. anyway, you seem to be unconvinced i wouldnt post it here if its crap, there's serious math and effort behind making this.
  13. m0nstertr4x

    WoT - Works for a day then fails the next

    not sure why, but for some reason WOT cannot load some of the needed files IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: './res_mods/0.9.15/scripts/client/gui/mods/mod_autoaim_indicator.json' try start WOT with administrator permissions by doing RIGHT CLICK on WOT icon and select Run as Administrator You can also try reinstalling the mods without the autoaim assistant.
  14. aslain's modpack has several customizations available, once you install the mod. Its easy to open the configuration file and change it to your liking. You could make a fan contribution or so to speak
  15. Try it out ! some tanks what you see (from WOT) and what you get is totally different

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