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  1. Vehicle Exp Extended by spoter

    With the new aslain modinstaler there is more Russian language in this mod, than in the version before. The buttons are now in russian language, before they were in english....
  2. aslain xvm configuration

    Yes, but now i'm using zeuus xvm configuration for the planers panel
  3. Vehicle Exp Extended by spoter

    Thanks, for the information, but the mod itselfs says, that it's avaible in four different language (if I found the right one). So, I used a selftranslated file 'mod_vehicle_exp.json', but only these two highlited words are in the orginal language. I don't know where I can find them to translate them.
  4. Bug in Vehicle Extended mod

    okay, you're right
  5. Bug in Vehicle Extended mod

    That's what I wrote....
  6. Bug in Vehicle Extended mod

    Which version are you using... ? I had the same problem with the first version and I delete the modsettings.dat during the mod-installation and so the problems were gone!
  7. Bug in Vehicle Extended mod

    Are U using the newest version of aslain mod installer? I have the same mod and no problem and I thought the modsettings.dat failure is gone with the newest mod installer!
  8. aslain xvm configuration

    is it possible to add a little sign to the playerspanel (small) which show me the wot ranking?
  9. Horrid Lag spikes

    I have the same problem... without any mod everything seem to be okay, but with mods ... ;-(
  10. Aslains_Customs_mods folder issues

    Here is the order, how the mods will be installed: and if you havbe a custom mod, that must be installed in the mods-folder, than you have to pack the custom mod with the right folder....
  11. Can someone translate this two words? the second picture is a failure....
  12. WoT and mods?!

    noone knows----
  13. WoT and mods?!

    9.17.1 new version; old version
  14. WoT and mods?!

    Yes, I know, but in the last version every mod was located in the res_mods folder and now the Vehicle Exp Extended - Mod is located in a different folder
  15. WoT and mods?!

    that could bee, but how did you know which mod you havbe to put in which folder?