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  1. [] GolKosh Tank Contours Icons...

    New Tank Contour Icons update -> with some new English, French, German tanks
  2. not sure how to call this topic, but there is Polish language in the English parts (see screenshots) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. With the new update there are always some mods that need attention. Like the Radial Menu. It doesn't work at all. Nothing to see in-game. I press the Z key and see the menu and can then rotate it with mouse, but the message isn't showing. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Aslain to Hospital

    Thx Quaksen. Thx for the update.....
  5. Aslain to Hospital

    Get well brother. Your job here isn't finished yet, so no long time hospital bed for you, you hear!!
  6. [] GolKosh Tank Contours Icons...

    New Tank Contour Icons update
  7. [] GolKosh Tank Contours Icons...

    New updated to (added 24 new tanks, bootcamp tanks)
  8. [] GolKosh Tank Contours Icons...

    I don't use this program. I make my own from scratch. I am using photoshop and a program called CCAtlas to make the atlas file This could do the trick, indeed. CCAtlas has a new update as well....
  9. Installed Hangman Garage but it doesn't show... After downloading it from site from Goofy it works. Maybe something in the installer? It makes the necessary directory (with the hangman garages installed) but the button is not showing (maybe missing?) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. [] GolKosh Tank Contours Icons...

    Updated again!! Chinese Heavy Tanks had wrong color...
  11. Battle observer needs update?!

    Thank you Sir Aslain
  12. Battle observer needs update?!

    I didn't explain good enough. I can't click the update button. Game is loading! So I wait for Aslain and his beautiful updated modpack
  13. How can I update the Battle Observer to 1.08.3? I am getting this message while game is loading (see image added)...