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  1. Aslain to Hospital

    Cheers mate, get better soon hope everything goes well, we will always love you no matter what gender you are LUL
  2. Jimbo versions?

    Well, when WG starts banning math it's time to uninstall
  3. Jimbo versions?

    Why on earth would you think a calculator was a cheat?
  4. A little help needed

    Why didn't he download it directly from wot website? Just curious...
  5. Merry Christmas

    Aslain, I want to wish you and your loved ones the very Merriest Christmas! As usual you have supplied us players with an excellent modification that we all love and enjoy, I am sure I speak for a lot of us when I say this game would not be the same without you and your great Modpack!!! So from the bottom of my heart I wish you a Very Merry Christmas !!!
  6. Jimbo's Crosshairs

    Next time I won't ask
  7. Jimbo's Crosshairs

    Is Jimbo's cross hairs coming back anytime soon or at all?
  8. Fair Play Policy on EU server

    RIP mods everywhere
  9. Fair Play Policy on EU server

    This is why we can't have nice things...
  10. Barracks Filters

  11. 2 Reticals

    No idn't get the point forget it I disabled a few and its fixed, next time I will give a better picture seems that is all you looked at...
  12. 2 Reticals

    I get 2 reticals when aiming at enemy. Happens more often after hitting auto aim. I am using the "Fancy Blue" server retical _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  13. Quick Question

    ok thanks
  14. Quick Question

    I have a NA and EU account, do I have to download the EU mod pack for EU and NA pack for NA? Or does it matter? Thanks in advance...