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  1. Aslain, I want to wish you and your loved ones the very Merriest Christmas! As usual you have supplied us players with an excellent modification that we all love and enjoy, I am sure I speak for a lot of us when I say this game would not be the same without you and your great Modpack!!! So from the bottom of my heart I wish you a Very Merry Christmas !!!
  2. Next time I won't ask
  3. Is Jimbo's cross hairs coming back anytime soon or at all?
  4. RIP mods everywhere
  5. This is why we can't have nice things...
  6. nvm
  7. No idn't get the point forget it I disabled a few and its fixed, next time I will give a better picture seems that is all you looked at...
  8. I get 2 reticals when aiming at enemy. Happens more often after hitting auto aim. I am using the "Fancy Blue" server retical python.log
  9. ok thanks
  10. I have a NA and EU account, do I have to download the EU mod pack for EU and NA pack for NA? Or does it matter? Thanks in advance...
  11. I was wondering if you could make a UI mod to increase size of UI for higher resolutions?
  12. By that I mean when you shoot enemy choose what color appears as a number RE: 250, 390, ect ect...If this has been discussed I didn't see it could someone paste link? Thank you...
  13. Is there any way to easily change the color of outgoing damage to the enemy? If not, would it be hard to add a way in mods? Thanks, Aslain RULES!
  14. I just love when Aslain updates and everything is alright now, as it is now...Love dat Aslain