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  1. brenkehoe

    Lags with #02

    I had same as soon as a tank dies game freezes. Rolled back to 00 and all is well. Turned off all mini map mods and made no difference
  2. brenkehoe

    FPS Drop

    I'll give it a go thanks Aslain
  3. brenkehoe

    FPS Drop

    Python and xvm from a session last night let me know if i need to send / capture anything else. Thanks xvm.log python.log
  4. brenkehoe

    FPS Drop

    I have the following mods installed and it seems when a certain event occurs in some battles my fps will drop to the 20's and stay there for some time before returning to normal. When i run safe mode no mods the FPS drop does not occur: xvm otm aslain panels aslain xvm minimap circles, lines, labels, arty sight xvm hitlog v1 6th sense all seeing eye, metal gear sound hanager default currency, show price, mastery mark, hangar clock carosusel 3 lines with advanced info other xvm server ping, online users, colorize battle chat, eu icons vehicle contour xvm aslains simple with small PMOD xoom sniper, disable gun shake crosshair melty (tried a few) crew skill informer, auto aim easier lock 1.5 sec damage log gambiter hide names, damage done and blocked inbattle wn8 calculator with eskpoint, team wn8, team hp counter wgl garage icons tank icons tank carousel (aslain premium) session stats and battle result messages PC Spec: Resolution: 4k 3840 x 2160 (Graphics in game set high) i7 6800k hex core 32GB DDR4 SSD Geforce GTX 1070 8GB Anyone any ideas what mod could be causing this ? Many Thanks
  5. brenkehoe

    Medium Player Panel w/ HP Bars #2

    Thanks Grandorf
  6. brenkehoe

    Medium Player Panel w/ HP Bars #2

    I get it where it doesn't switch from large after battle start.
  7. brenkehoe

    Deegie Sights Blue Causes Crash

    Just to add if u need to fix it until its patched. Delete all the files in the Deggies-Sights-Normal-Gkstd-Blue-for-0.9.8.zip from your res mods folder and manually add all the files from the [Deegie Sights [blogtanker.ru].zip]
  8. The package for deegies sights blue seems to cause the battle not to load. I had the same problem when i installed the package yesterday manually [ Deggies-Sights-Normal-Gkstd-Blue-for-0.9.8.zip] The other zip file [Deegie Sights [blogtanker.ru].zip] seems to work just fine. Deegie Sights Blogtanker.ru.zip Deggies-Sights-Normal-Gkstd-Blue-for-0.9.8.zip

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