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  1. Gerbil49

    XVM apparently in the game now

    Thanks for the information.
  2. I've had a few games now where players are evidently using XVM. Opinions about it may vary, but XVM can be quite a powerful tool - e.g. knowing which of the enemy players are high- or low-rated can be important for tactical decision making. Just out of interest, is XVM due to be added to Aslain's modpack when a stable version is available? I assume that it would be "legal", given its wide use in WoT.
  3. FYI, just to add: The bug reappeared in my client after about 40 normal games. I had updated the modpack, but hadn't made any configuration changes - the bug just restarted. I uninstalled "standard crosshairs and more etc" just now, and the bug immediately disappeared.
  4. I have just had the bug tonight. Oddly, 0.6 has worked perfectly until now. I haven't made any changes to mny configuration since the 4th August. I have run through the suggested solutions, but I either do not use the mods mentioned, or deactivating the ones i use does not make a difference.
  5. Gerbil49

    runtime error

    Me too
  6. Gerbil49

    CTD when entering battle

    I've had about eight CTDs since installing v9.14.28 (08-04-2016) yesterday. All previous versions have been quite stable. I didn't change my mod selection when installing v9.14.28
  7. Gerbil49

    Adding garages to HangMan?

    Hi, Is there any way to add "garages" to Hanger Manager, or do the old garage themes have to be edited to be compatible with the current 9.14 client? I was particularly after the "Poppy Field/ Remembrance" garage. Thx all.
  8. After patch 9.14 I played 2 or 3 games with vanilla client - battle results page in the garage displayed normally, including "Team score" lists. Since installing v.9.14.00, the battle results page is normal, except for the "Team Scores" - these are now blank. I reinstalled the modpack without the only mod that seemed relevant - "Battle results window"\ "custom graphics on battle results window by ragnarocek", but this had no effect - the team score tab is still blank. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  9. Yes, but it seems to reset to maximum between games (all my other games settings remain as normal). I see that there is a 9.8 bug being acknowledged by WG, in which the team lists remain maximised throughout the game. Maybe there is a mod conflict which triggers that behaviour.
  10. I'm getting the same problem. Even de-selecting all of the panel options, I'm getting the full-width panels displaying during the battle.
  11. Gerbil49

    Multi-client install?

    I don't know if this idea has already been suggested and perhaps discarded: I have accounts on EU, NA, RU and Asia. At the moment I have to install the mod pack 4x - once on each client - each time I want to update. Would it be possible to create an install script that allows you to select multiple clients at the "browse" option, and then let the installer automatically update each of the selected clients in sequence? If you wanted different mod combinations obviously you'd just do normal single installs; Similarly, the different types of install could still be done seperately; The final "go to xvm.com" page would not have to be altered, because one visit to XVM can be used to log onto each client account.
  12. Wierd. My EU client also can't get to log-on screen after installing Aslain's 4.4.0_98 pack. Now my RU, NA and Asia clients are also stuck at loading screen, even though nothing has been installed since they updated to 9.8. What is really strange is that i was playing on RU last night on its updated vanilla 9.8. How can an Aslain install on one client affect the others if they are all seperate?

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