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  1. PanzerPjotr

    its very lag aslain mod pack v12.0.2 - 02

    Having similar issue with fps dropping and freezing game for 2-3 secs, really annoying. Also switching to and from siege mode seems bugged.
  2. PanzerPjotr

    Stuck logging in

    Exactly the same here! Got the "unsuitable version" notice, which I ignored, just installed as usual using Aslains installer. Started WOT up and got stuck at the loading screen whilst synchronizing "loadout and equipment". This process, when switching vehicles, took ages in the last 1.1 version (with mods installed) too!. I don't use garage switchers I believe, I like the field camp best. Reminds me of my army days. I do have carrousel mods and most importantly a mod that auto switches consumables and equipment, I suspect the reason for the apparent "freeze up" can be found in that area. Like always, the kinks will be gradually ironed out and all will return to "normalcy" after a few mod upgrades. One does ponder why every time there is a patch, the mods get haywire too??? That should be avoidable......no?
  3. PanzerPjotr

    Garage, show “non elited non premium” tanks

    I mean the button right from the Premium Vehicle button and left from the Elite Vehicle button. The function of the reserveres(tition?) is clear to me now, I never put tanks in reserve, hence my query. Hope the XVM team will be able to oblige. Just found out it deselects all the premiumtanks in a selection
  4. I love the smell of kick-ass bubblegum

  5. PanzerPjotr

    Garage, show “non elited non premium” tanks

    I have a related issue regarding the possibilities to sort on specific tanks in the garage. I have two wishes I would like to see implemented in the way vehicles can be filtered and/or picked. The reason for these wishes lies in the fact I have over 400 tanks in my garage and I have allocated the same crew to different premium tanks for the purpose of training them faster. The second wish is to have the ability to allocate certain tanks to a specific button or key so they are all easily selected. My E 50 crew is currently also driving 5 other German medium tanks with the same crew composition as the E 50. This allows me to have the same crew benefit from special actions with enhanced crew training multipliers for the first win. Maybe a row of 10-15 buttons above the two-row tank selector might be a good solution? While I am at it, I was also wondering what the function of the current filter select button that just says "vehicle" is, as well as the one that says "reserveres" ?
  6. One of the most appreciated mods i.m.o. is the one that loads/unloads a camouflagenet/ binoculars/ repairtoolbox automatically. Only thing is I would like to see a possibility to alter load-ups for different type tanks. An arty with bino's is not usefull, but a camo-net is. On the other hand a big tank like a Tiger II or E100 even does not have much use for a camo-net. It is possible to predetermine certain load-ups. So to equip all my arties with a camo-net, i should choose the option to load camonet/bino's/repairbox and giving all arty pieces two general perks like gunrammer and faster aiming, so at the start every arty gets exactly what I like. As it is not possible to distinguish between SPG and HT for example, an E100 with improved ventilation and gunrammer would be equaly fitted out with a camo-net, instead of the bino's I want. I have seen it implemented in the past, I would greatly appreciate if it came back. I know there is this other autoload option that says "you have to install what you want first" and apparently at some stage it will be added in the pre chosen order on that tank every time! I never figured out exactly how that needs to be done and any documentation seems to be lacking. Cheers PP

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