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  1. hoggiebro

    Screen frozen at begin of game

    on different tanks and al the way, no execptions
  2. When I start game its frozen, first have to click with left mouse button otherwise tank wont move. See attached logs Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Get this message when I start up WOT Hoggiebro
  4. hoggiebro

    Clan logo

    Thanx, I will check
  5. hoggiebro

    Clan logo

    Since the last update is our clanloge replaced for the one as shown on picture. Anyone an idea how this is possible and how to fix it? Hoggiebro
  6. hoggiebro

    G button arty

    I use standard WG croshair. I will try another one. Thanx
  7. hoggiebro

    G button arty

    I get this when I push the G button on arty, anyone an idea???
  8. hoggiebro

    game closure, then locked out

    here also problems with kick out the game
  9. hoggiebro

    Welcome thread

    Hello, I am Hoggiebro in WOT, Play it a lot and always use Aslain's modpack, very happy with it

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