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  1. onmehedson

    XVM Crashes?

    Still crashes for me ..
  2. onmehedson

    DeegieV2 sight bugs?

    Yes it does ... my shell never seems to go where I aim ...
  3. Well I can confirm the gun reload sound `up` works for me...
  4. Not as far as I know .. Update ... sorry I was wrong ... its is now in the game using latest modpack ..
  5. onmehedson

    Player panel not showing XVM info

    You need to re-activate xvm every 14 days on their website....
  6. onmehedson

    Hit notification are missing.

    please read this ...
  7. onmehedson

    Gun Reloading sound "Up" not working.

    I dont think that it ever made a sound in the preview but it works in game ..
  8. onmehedson

    Gun Reloading sound "Up" not working.

    Are you using latest modpack as it works for me ..
  9. onmehedson

    Help! Two hitlogs!

    Great news !!...
  10. onmehedson

    Help! Two hitlogs!

    Hi, keep the logs from the modpack and disable the logs from within the game settings ... battle notifications / logs. Disable from in there that should sort it. All the best!
  11. Glad you got it sorted .. apparently XVM are working to implement them .. Sorry I don`t know about the spotted sound, but i know there are quite a few bugs in the 1.0 update regarding sounds. For example there is a bug where sometimes hits to your tank don`t make any noise and also the ping sound when an enemy is spotted on the minimap is hit and miss ( I have this problem!).
  12. Hi, if you select any of the over tank markers from the modpack then you loose the `critical hit` feature. Try leaving the OTM unchecked or you can change the markers setting in the config files to false. Good luck!!
  13. onmehedson

    Gun reload sounds

    I know your busy but when you get a moment could you please see if you can find out whats causing the gun reload sound not to work in my set-up ... Cheers !! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  14. onmehedson

    New Spawn Bug

    Its the new map `Artic Austrailia`
  15. onmehedson

    Accelerated crew training dud?

    Looks like your grinding concealment on your radio operator to me ..... not brothers in arms ??

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