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  1. Accelerated crew training dud?

    Looks like your grinding concealment on your radio operator to me ..... not brothers in arms ??
  2. ammo switching

    I`m using the updated deegies and can still switch ammo.
  3. Damage Panel health bar under consumables

    You need to select zayaz damage panel in installer .. or panel by kobkag ..
  4. kobolanovs medal with arty lol

    I enjoyed that ... I don`t think that 152 who was capping even knew you were there!! Well played ...
  5. Results screen tank icons

  6. Hi guys, I am wanting to change he tank icons on the battle results screen, not to keen on the ribbon backgrounds. Does anyone have any ideas? Tried changing icon sets in the installer, also tried custom battle results but still end up with these .. Cheers !! _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  7. Gun reload sounds

    No gun reload sounds my friend (up, sabot up, etc....) Cheers!! python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  8. Show alive remaining vs. dead not working

    Uncheck the option under battle observer and keep the option under xvm, that might work... did for me ... Good luck!!
  9. request for new reticule deegies's blue

    You don't have to donate... Just don't say that you are not going to... That is just plain rude... I donate as a way of expressing thanks for the work he puts into this mod pack.. You might want to try putting all these mods separately into the game folder manually and see for yourself how tricky it is...
  10. Zayaz panel

    Cheers !!
  11. Zayaz panel

    Great to see you have managed to reinstate this mod .. I really missed it. Seem to remember an option for this panel ..`Optimised for 1920x1080` or similar. This made the central health bar larger ( perfect for my dodgy eyesight) .. Just wondering if this still exists.. Cheers!!
  12. Return of Direction indicator ??

    Aslain, would it be possible for you to seek clarification to whether the direction indicator mod is legal to use. Some chap in wot forums claims WG approved its use http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/598585-list-of-mods-still-allowed-and-forbidden/ ..#4 post. Cheers ...
  13. UP reload sound - I miss you

    I had same problem with #39 .. solved it by going into the audioww folder and deleted the xvm bnk file that was in there.. Worked fine and had no issues without the xvm file.. Good luck!
  14. Really miss thie folllowing

    logs please I think if your using any other sound mods then its not going to work. I am using it and it works great ..
  15. Really miss thie folllowing

    I can confirm these sounds are working .. good job Chuck !!