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  1. Modpack Post 5.3

    MOGAMI It shoots at 15 km.
  2. Modpack Post 5.3

    sniper mode, and there is no more
  3. Mod not working after WOW's update this am

    forward to working professional !!!!!
  4. Today, a new version of the ranking fights !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Modpack ?????
  5. Aim assist for World Of Warships

    Good day! This morning again came updating world of warship !!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. world of warships modpack

    Thank you very much for answering, I'll wait, if it is possible the camera flies over the battlefield commander, or a camera.
  7. world of warships modpack

    September 3 the new version of World of Warship 0.4.1.
  8. world of warships modpack

    0.4.1. - 09.03.2015 g. !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hi, good day! Update 0.4.1. If you have time to look in-game updates