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  1. hmmm... Debug panel is not showed... I use Battle Observer's debug panel instead of them.
  2. I'm using "vanilla" Windows 10. Windows Defender does not any false positive detected. I try to re-install #04...
  3. As a title, #04 doesn't install any debug panels. Attach Logs. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Oh, I see. Thank you, Aslain.
  5. As a title, If I checked it, it can't be installed. Attach Logs. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. The suggestion from @Darth_Clicker was given. and I finally got the function what I need. (Thank you!) If you need "only_with_C": false, you set "clip_reload": false at the same time. I got it in this settings.
  7. Some mod translated in Japanese version

    I'm trying to go between Alpha and Aslain... Alpha is tweeting about his translated-mods in Japanese. I translate it in poor English... 1. About PathFinder3D and PRO_Reduced_Armor The way to translate these mods was not taught. He says "you check it yourselves.". 2. Permission of the original authors to distribute He is concerned about it. Because He does not take permission of them.
  8. Some mod translated in Japanese version

    Alpha is concerned about those mods (He released translated-mods.) are modified without original author's permission. He says "If Aslain includes my translated-mods in modpack, I think you take permission of the author."
  9. Some mod translated in Japanese version

    I contacted Alpha about those 2 mods. And he says "Please devise by yourself." and "Not just C&P resource, but you should try hard for a while." This is not opposition. (It might sound rude to you.) He thinks you will do more trial and error. He tried to translate harder than I thought. My opinion is you do not have to do it by force. If you could, add those 2 mods.
  10. yep. I checked the latest modpack. (#09)
  11. Mini Map ?

    Oh, I Misguided.
  12. Mini Map ?

    Attach Logs. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. Mini Map ?

    Same here. I guess this is AI+'s addon, "addon-help_on_spot". But "addon-help_on_spot": false doesn't work for me.
  14. The latest version still has this issue... It work fine to be Aslain's installer settings. If I set "only_with_C": = false AI+ doesn't work... I re-report this issue to AI+'s thread.
  15. Some mod translated in Japanese version

    Confirmed. (Replay Manager) Thanks Aslain.