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  1. There is a masheene version too. (I am not sure these depend on ekspoint's code.) http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/263260-1021-infopanel/
  2. How about Oldskool's one? It is not up-to-date though. https://wgmods.net/1029/
  3. Thank you for your reply. I'm waiting for update.
  4. Hi Aslain, I'm using your 3D icons set. I realize to miss the icons, Edelweiss and Nameless. Is there some reason to remove these icons? thanks,
  5. As a title, What is the difference? Anyway, I'm setting up it to "1.75" (also "interfaceScale") on my 18.4" 4K UHD display using on 3200x2000 window mode.
  6. @guilliam Thank you for your note.
  7. In this morning, finally WoT client on ASIA region was updated. But as a title, client version "". renaming folder name works fine for me. thanks,
  8. This issue fixed by v9.20.1.4 #06 probably. Thanks Aslain.
  9. This workaround works only ASIA region I guess.
  10. kzkhak

    Cant log in on EU servers

    @HellSign This workaround works only ASIA region I guess...
  11. Replacing to up-to-date version (poliroid.pmod_1.30.1.wotmod) has same problem.
  12. @Aslain yes. This is happened by PMOD I guess. removing PMOD (World_of_Tanks\mods\\poliroid.pmod_1.29.5.wotmod) works fine for me.
  13. hmm, If I take more logs, It is helpful for this issue?
  14. No. Not always but often. I kill WoT process and Re-start WoT client, so It works fine including switch sniper mode. But starting another battle, It occurs.

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