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  1. show client flag

    An update fixing Problems in WoT 0.9.13 - XVM Version 6.20 Nightly 5071 came out: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/495185-xvm-adaption-zur-clientsprache-flag/page__st__100__pid__11819983#entry11819983
  2. Damage Log

    Sometimes, I click the mouse button just after I died since I tried to shoot an enemy tank. Then I switched automatically to an other friendly tank watching his play and at the same time he damage log disappears. But since I am interested in who has shoot me, I have to click on me to see the damage log again. A small setting prevents the damage log to disappear: In the config file ...\res_mods\configs\DamageLog\Log.cfg change the setting from "showPostmortem" : false, to "showPostmortem" : true, and now the damage log does not disappear anymore. If you like this behavior too, maybe you could preset this setting in your mod-pack.
  3. show client flag

    Thank you very much Aslain! It works like a charm :-) This was the only modification I made after installing your mod-pack. Thank you for your work on this mod-pack - it is simply the best!!!
  4. show client flag

    I took the "DOWNLOAD"-Link from that page: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/495185-xvm-adaption-zur-clientsprache-flag/page__st__80__pid__11726290#entry11726290 It states "WoT 0.9.12 - XVM Version 6.1.6 / ab Revision 5001" And it works at my environment: Install your mod-pack and then overwrite it with the content of the ZIP-File. It adds only some pictures of "api-flags" i.e.: res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\icons\flags\api_pl.png And overwrites only one single file: res_mods\mods\packages\xvm_main\python\stats.pyc So if you want to disable the mod, you only have to put back the original "stats.pyc" from your mod-pack. The additional installed flag pictures doesn't harm since thy were added and nothing else were overwritten.
  5. show client flag

    Maybe integrate it as an option: * Show language flag as set on XVM Homepage * Show language flag according to the installed client language The advantage of the second option is that the user can see in which language he can communicate with the other players.
  6. Not a big issue but to understand: In game, I use a medium panel size. But when I press "Control" and move the mouse courser over the panel, it enlarges. I do not want this behavior. Does anyone know where I can turn it off?
  7. show client flag

    The option to show the client flags does show the flag that the user sets at the XVM site but not the language of the client. I think it is much more interesting to see the language of the users installed client than an arbitrarily chosen flag from the user. If you agree: There is a solution how to display the correct language flag of the client described in the topic http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/495185-097-xvm-adaption-zur-clientsprache-flag/which works perfectly. Sorry this topic is in German language. If you need help for translation, please ask. PS: I just tried your mod pack to find an adequate replacement of a discontinued one that I used before. I think you did a great work. I like it!