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  1. I find 2 bugs in Modpack_Installer_v. 1.Crosshairs-standard crosshairs with better timer and more-->make view stay in sky cant drive tank 2.Dmg log GambitER#1-->Stay in battleloading screen ,cant go into game dont know only me or others have same problem?
  2. Empty Garage

    hi, thx all , you guys really good
  3. auto log-in for 9.12? how to enable?...

    new save-id/pw mod in asia forum,I already try it , works for me . http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/60769-save-password-at-login/
  4. Match start bug

    the new version Gnomefather hav bug ,some tanks cant go into game . (my o-i can go into game ,,,e100 fail ) remove it then game work well.
  5. Immediate Game Crash

    4.6.1 delete pw box and autologin ,its works!!!!!!! thanks hidetada!