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  1. asian server updated dark front but after patch save password is not working... using modpack v1.2.0 #7
  2. hidetada

    td break and zoomout not working

    as have posted here if you have discord... disable in-game overlay...
  3. hidetada

    Gnomefather Mod Sound Issue

    better read those little info/notice in the mod pack installer... another issue from gnomefather mod is that sometimes you cannot buy a tank even when you have already the experience earned... happened to me a couple of nights ago... have already finished getting the experience for the american t69 medium tank from grinding my t71 da light tank... when i was pressing the research button... kept saying "server error researching t69. try again later"... checked the internet... tried things posted there like restarting the client (to no effect)... trying again after an hour... a couple of hours... even a day (to no avail)... tried contacting wg asia support... giving me a link to a tool that needs to be installed on my computer (WGCheck) to check what's wrong with my client... still not fixed... advised to check the game installation files integrity... still not resolved... remembered the sound mod thinggy compatibility for gnomefather... fired the modpack installer and unchecked the sound mod and after that.. issue resolved... whew...
  4. as have said on an earlier post and confirmed by others... if you don't like deleting some files... just disable/deselect pmod in the installation set-up
  5. having the same issue here... firing up the version 10 installer and disabled the pmod section... hope it'll work after...
  6. hidetada

    monitor choice dilemma on a budget

    a bit of a late update: just got an lg 23" 23mp68 (amd freesync)... got into some bad luck... as early december 2017... my main ssd drive (240gb) suddenly broke down... so funds for the monitor got diverted in getting a 2tb hdd and a new monitor (and just using my spare 120gb ssd) ... maybe i'll just get a new rig done late 2018 - early 2019 and get a new bigger monitor then...
  7. have you tried disabling (not checked): Backup garage menu buttons settings Backup session stats cache file
  8. by YasenKrasen... you mean YasenKrasen Session Stats?... checked my installation and yes the special add ons (beta) is enabled... will try to install it again with the add ons (beta) unchecked...
  9. i would like to enable "Vehicle EXP Extended"... but can't seem to make it work... whenever i check it for mod installation it doesn't seem to work in game (garage).. can anyone point me on where can i DISABLE "Show Simplified Technical Characteristics in the Garage" in option settings?
  10. hidetada

    monitor choice dilemma on a budget

    on my case... budget is limited only to $300 and some suggested monitors suggested byother members here are not available in my country...
  11. hidetada

    monitor choice dilemma on a budget

    so a 32" full hd will suffice?... because currently i am running full hd on my 23" led ips monitor fine (max settings too i think)... and i did not include it on the list but there is also a 32" full hd monitor with 144hz refresh rate but its tn panel and not ips... but with a 21:9 ar monitor... i'm also thinking of the added view from it versus what you can see if you're using a 16:9 ar monitor... but i'm only limited to 29" 21:9 ultrawide (2560 x 1080) because of budget constraints...
  12. hidetada

    monitor choice dilemma on a budget

    i have also checked an lg 34" lg 34um58 ultrawide 21:9 ar 2560 x 1080 monitor but did not include it on the list because the price is way over my budget... it's $ 403.30 2560 x 1440 reso monitors are out of the budget... my cpu is an intel core i5 3450 and gpu is an amd radeon hd 7950 on a 16 gb system memory... it's an old pc... i think 2012 or 2013 any visual images for comparison with 32" 16:9 vs 29" 21:9?...
  13. good day... i'm having a hard time choosing a new monitor for wot as my current monitor is slowly dying on me... an lg 23" ips monitor (lg ips234v)... so i'm playing wot on this at full hd resolution (1920 x 1080) 16:9 aspect ratio... my dilemma is choosing between a 16:9 monitor or a 21:9 one... fhd - full hd 1920 x 1080 16:9 ar qhd - quad hd 2560 x 1440 16:9 ar uw - ultrawide 2560 x 1080 21:9 ar choices are: 1. 32" philips BD3201FD IPS (full hd 1920 x 1080 16:9 ar) - $ 268.54 2. 29" lg 29um58 IPS (ultrawide 2560 x 1080 21:9 ar) - $ 284.28 3. 27" infini m7 (quad hd 2560 x 1440 16:9 ar 144hz refresh rate) - $ 306.90 (i guess this is a korean brand?)
  14. funny thing... i tried it again... this time i added "backup garage menu button settings" to unchecked status... the installation is a success... maybe it fixed my problem?... additional: i also disabled the wot game center...
  15. @Aslain: as have posted yesterday (provided some screenshots too)... i have tried the following: 1st try ( 1. unchecked "backup session stats cache file" (is this the right one to uncheck)... without wiping temporary directory failed (error is still there) 2. unchecked "backup session stats cache file" and wiped temporary directory failed (error is still there) 3. tried using #02 and #03 with the backup unchecked and wiped temp. directory failed (error is still there) and one more thing... the said temp folder in question is only created when extracting the mod pack... after the error and when it reverts back to its previous state... temp. folder created is also deleted...

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