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  1. FullTank

    100 meter proximity

    It didn't always fail for me. I didn't dig too deep, so I may be wrong, but it seemed to be connecting to an internet site. Sometimes the internet would lag too much and it would time out, and lock up. So while it worked most games, it wasn't worth the times when it locked up the game, causing me to restart and come in very late to the battle. Often to a tank under fire, depending on the map. If you really want it, you can install it yourself after you use the mod pack to install everything else.
  2. FullTank

    100 meter proximity

    Yep, it was the one crashing mine during battle loading.
  3. FullTank

    Please add alternate carousel orderings?

    Well, I searched to find all carousel.xc files in the world of tanks folders, and only the above two showed up. I then verified that both files had the sorting_criteria with level first. I then reopened WoT, did a filter to just show tier 7 and 8, and found the 7s and 8s were intermixed and not all 7s first. I then verified the files were utf-8 encoded. I have run out of ideas. I can't think of any mistake I made nor anything else that might be over riding it.
  4. FullTank

    Please add alternate carousel orderings?

    I put it in my - G:\Games\World_of_Tanks\Aslain_Modpack\Custom_mods I then downloaded the latest modpack, since it had been updated. I ran the update, loaded the game and my tanks are still not ordered by level. I am using XVM, as I pulled and edited the G:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\carousel.xc before sending it to you. I then looked at the current G:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\carousel.xc file, and it does have the edit. So I don't know why it isn't working. It is like XVM is ignoring the file.
  5. Like this? https://wgmods.net/1672/details/
  6. FullTank

    Please add alternate carousel orderings?

    carousel.xc Here is my carousel with just sort order changed.
  7. FullTank

    Please add alternate carousel orderings?

    I tried doing a custom mod about a year ago, in fact it was the edited order list suggested here. Never got it to work, so gave up. I don't know what I was doing wrong.
  8. FullTank

    Please add alternate carousel orderings?

    I also wish this was an option. I too platoon, and we alternate picking tiers. I do use the filter to filter one tier, but I have to select the filter, select the new tier, and deselect the old tier, then close the filter. And custom mods are hassle with the updates, so I never bothered.
  9. FullTank

    Crosshair to evaluate

    Oh, he also added one that is similar to the images on the link, so maybe that is your request - "added crosshair: Circle" in the mod pack it is mispelled as "Cirle" though.
  10. FullTank

    Crosshair to evaluate

    Actually this one looks busier than many others that are available. Have you tried turning on image preview and looked at all in the modpack? And a neat trick is you can use one crosshair, and then a different aim circle. Personally I use Destroyer Green, with a Warrior aim circle. You might like one of the Minimalistic (or Blue Minimalistic), since they have info more to the side. Another trick, if you turn on replays, you can use a replay to see what the mods look like before doing a battle.
  11. Look for "Show Team WN8 with Win Chance" But beware, some get discouraged by it and tend to give up and lose more battles. And while it can show who is favored, the percentages are not perfect, and don't account for the map, or if tanks can do well on the map, and other things. And never post negative things in chat.
  12. FullTank

    Crosshair that show reload time of enemy tank?

    I will look for that info panel, I only saw the big panels so must have missed it. The second does show enemy reload, it is the red text that shows up next to where your reload is. In the video you can see it at :26 and :31. I am also testing that sight, with other things from your pack, so I know that one does show reload of tanks under crosshair. But if I can get the info panel, then maybe that is enough. Thanks
  13. FullTank

    Crosshair to evaluate

    In the video it shows a triangle sight. There is a predator sight that is similar.
  14. I noticed in Protanki there are some crosshair mods that show the reload time of the enemy tank. Like this - https://protanki.tv/mods/battle_mod/informatsionnaya-panel or this https://protanki.tv/mods/aim/pritsel-spider Is there one in Aslains pack? I have looked through the crosshairs in the pack, but didn't see one but maybe I missed it. Bonus if it shows which tanks are autoloaders. If not, can one be added? The first link might be usable with any crosshair, so that would be nice.
  15. FullTank

    Locks up at battle loading sometimes

    Just have to figure out which mod(s) is causing it. Since I have a lot of mods it may take awhile, so I was hoping the python.log would help.

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