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  1. I have the same problem and its with all session stats mods as I tried 1 by 1
  2. Scarletsboy

    Error Chat Initialization failed

    sure but I have chat when I dont use mods, how do you explain that ?
  3. Installing any xvm mod at present causes the clan to show 1 or 2 players only, general chat is always showing as connecting and not all players on the friends list show up. If you click on the safe mode at the start all chat windows open correct and you can see all online players in your friends list. I tried installing 1 mod at a time but found it to be any mod from clock in garage to the carousel. This did not happen in #6 but unable to locate the mod version to download again. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Scarletsboy

    ammo clip indicator

    I sure I have read some where that you need to turn off the sniper zoom indicator within the aslains mod pack I had the same problem and then it was ok
  5. Scarletsboy

    New tech tree after install

    Hi Tech tree for what nation ? Is it the IDS tech tree you are talking about ?

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