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  1. YasenKrasen addons not working

    I have just unninstalled BATCAVE and it works fine.
  2. YasenKrasen addons not working

    My fault... sorry for that. Now Ive just erased that but still dont work. Maybe something with hangar? Or maybe I have to wait until it works fine without being beta? Thanks anyway for your help Aslain. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. YasenKrasen addons not working

    Still not working. Ingame features work fine but nothing in garaje (research, battle report...) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Im trying YK with addons and its not working for me. Only working the notifications but the "addons" that id like. I sent a message on the wg forum but nothing from now. Thanks mates. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. Star Wars music

  6. wn8 on battle result

    Unfortunately YasenKrasen addons beta isnt working for me... Ill wait for full version Thanks anyway Quaksen!
  7. wn8 on battle result

    I think I got it! Thanks again mate
  8. wn8 on battle result

    I didnt see "addons beta"!! Thanks a lot Quaksen. I have another question but i dont know if im opening so much topics. What does "AutoQuest" do? I tried it and saw nothing.
  9. wn8 on battle result

    I think theres a mod that show your wn8 on the battle result window but i dont know wich one is. Theres a pic of what im saying. Thanks!
  10. Star Wars music

    It dissapeared in 9.20.1 and it was amazing, please add it again!
  11. Want to see the Personal Missions helper

    +1 hope it will be updated soon and well get it asap!
  12. BatCave hangar

    Ill try it. Ty so much!
  13. BatCave hangar

    I love BatCave hangar so Id like to know if it will be back soon to your modpack. Best modpack ever, keep on going!!!!
  14. Random Crashes in game

    check the problem by installing only the xvm mod. i got random crashes in game and im still having it only with xvm installed. im waiting for help in ther forum.
  15. WN8 in battle results

    I couldnt find that line I see it by clicking as you said Darth lol Thank u so much!