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  1. pinkfishface

    what is this

    well there is some malware in that yes i know it works but still i should not get the message all good i'll use solo's mod pack instead
  2. pinkfishface

    what is this

    every time i load aslains i get this what is it and can it be fixed
  3. there is something wrong with the mod pack not sure what but if you disable everything on your computer and you still can not play WOW then something is wrong it may work for some but it sure dont work for me all good cause WOW dont really need any
  4. pinkfishface

    Unable to open installer

    uninstall WOW then download the mod pack then download WOW put that into a new folder then drop the mod pack into it that worked for me
  5. pinkfishface

    Unable to open installer

    ok do you download it into the world of warships folder or do you install it separate
  6. pinkfishface

    Unable to open installer

    i have windows 7 home premium i disabled everything it did work for a time but it also corrupted my wow not sure why but i am not running it with nothing installed it did work for a time on my other computer but then it quit all good dont normall use mod packs nice while it lasted
  7. pinkfishface

    Unable to open installer

    i have no anti virus installed and i allowed it though my firewall
  8. pinkfishface

    Unable to open installer

    this is my error even with windows 7
  9. pinkfishface

    Unable to open installer

    i had i similar problem got an error message say that the mod pack is bad i think it may have to do with us servers cause the euro ones i guess have no problem i even went back to windows 7 i had 10
  10. i tried to download it again and the same error message happens i tried use just one thing like cross hairs and i can not use the mod at all could be just me but it was cool while it lasted
  11. everybody i talked to today that has it says it dont work any more
  12. i get this every time i download it now it wont work in world of warships
  13. pinkfishface

    Malware download?

    i downloaded the world of warships mod and it infected my computer bad took me most of the day and some money to get rid of it!you should really look into this malware problem you seem to have and i dont want 7 downloads i dont need along with it!

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