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  1. Sorry, my fault, here IT translation corrected WoWs_it_translation_v6.6.1_02.ini
  2. just installed new modpack for, I have found some a little translation problem, one line was not in italian (maybe it's polish but I am not sure not knowing the language), See attached screenshot. The line is the one with "------------------------------[ Mody ekranu bitwy ]----------------------", it is the title of the tracers section. Max
  3. IT translation WoWs_it_translation_v6.6.1_02.ini
  4. Posted IT translation in WoWS section
  5. IT translation for v #02 WoWs_it_translation_v6.3.1_02.ini
  6. what is that strange submarine that appeared in my port ?? and I cant eneter in battle with it !!!! Max
  7. Italian translation for WoWS v0.6.2.0 #07 WoWs_it_translation_v6.2.0_07.ini
  8. Very strange situation: I have just finished to reload one by one all the mods from aslain modpack that i was using early this morning but the problem did not show up at all. Really don't know how to explain. I will try to keep track of mods installation and to post here any news. MAX
  9. Corrected a few typing mistakes in IT translation WoWs_it_translation_v6.1.1_06.ini
  10. I just had the same problem, sorry I can't post the log because I deleted everything from modpack and restarting the game mod-free the minimap e the HUD elements on the left side were restored. I will try to reinstall the modpack changing some settings and if I get something useful I will post here. Max PS I wasn't using triple screen
  11. Updated italian translation for WoWS #06 WoWs_it_translation_v6.1.1_06.ini
  12. Updated Italian WoWS translation for #05 WoWs_it_translation_v6.1.1_05.ini
  13. Italian translation for #03 Just to be on the safe side I posted in both sections: do you prefer this way or only in WoWS section ? WoWs_it_translation_v6.1.1_03.ini
  14. Italian WoWS translation for #03 WoWs_it_translation_v6.1.1_03.ini
  15. OK sorry, did not see the thread in the other section. Now I set it to "follow", so I should get automatic notice and will be able to know when new file to translate will be available. Max