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  1. I was curious what was the name of the mod that is an information panel that is bundled with aslains mods. I have looked and everything i have found is different and doesn't fit my screen as well
  2. I have been using aslains mod for awhile, and i have had the issue that when i use vent to talk to my clan mates and use the keybind ALT to talk it hangs at the battle loading screen. I have done clean installs of all of my mods including aslains. It still does it after clean install with only aslains mods and the same with aslains mods + my additional mods. I don't know what to do as far as getting it not to hangup with aslains mods. P.S. it doesn't do it when using other mods that I add in manually just only when i use aslains installer to install his mods

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