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  1. That's what I figured after looking at the chat content mods. Thanks for confirmation on that!
  2. Updated battle_layout.xml for I still was unable to get chat moved over, and left the player panels as to not obstruct any more of the screen than is necessary.
  3. I've been awol for a bit. I'll work on getting everything working this weekend
  4. Here is my finished product in case there is anyone that's running a triple screen setup wants it. Image is attached. I have not successfully been able to adjust the chat but everything else is within eyesight now. battle_layout.xml
  5. Thank you Aslain
  6. I run a triple screen setup at a resolution of 5760x1080. I was wondering which xml file pertains to this mod so I can attempt to bring the HUD elements closer towards the center to account for the resolution/aspect ratio. Has anyone already adjusted this for triple screen setup?
  7. If you just change the folder name most of the mods still work. I can't see the new camo but I think that's the unique camo mod which I don't think he even has updated yet
  8. Look LITERALLY 3 posts down from yours.