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  1. Tanis_

    Team Aware

    I don't have the ship names but I do have ship direction for that same mini map mod
  2. Tanis_

    Team Aware

    I get the little guys on the left of my screen but the box near the mini map is not showing up
  3. Tanis_

    When will u go dark timer

    would be nice to have a 20sec timer for when you will go dark if you know what i mean the timer starts after the last shot from your guns
  4. yes correct when i loaded without mods it showed up
  5. I have turned off all mods and it shows up but when i have them on i dont get my torp range circle for my yugumo when i go into the mini map settings and see if i can turn it on their it is greyed out i cant turn it on or off it also seems to be the only one that does this because on my other ships with torps it shows _Aslain_logs.zip python.log python_1.log python_2.log
  6. Tanis_

    Mini Map Mods -- detection range?

    God i hope so or at least i hope someone takes this over cuz i cant run my DDs worth a crap without this LMAO
  7. Tanis_

    Mini Map Mods -- detection range?

    NOOOOOOO their has to be a new one its the only way i could play my DDs LMAO
  8. Is anyone else have major problems with CVs. FIrst was I couldnt load into game had to manually shut down and relaod back in when I came back in when I clicked on someone to targte them with my planes it was like i was holding the ALT button to manuallt drop the loads but i never touched the aLT BUTTON. i went back out of the game real quick and took out the mods folder and went back into the game again and everything was fine. i know it some other games some players have mentioned this also so just in case you may NOT want to play CVs until this is fixed.
  9. Tanis_

    CVs not working with latest mod

    would love to but have never done it before please give me the steps in doing it
  10. Tanis_

    Smoke screen timer

    I dont know if this has been asked for or not and im sorry if it has. But i noticed you have added a smoke screen boundary and i was just hoping that something like this could be made as well.
  11. Tanis_

    Incorrect torp range

    looks like deceased needs another update he doesnt have the mikhail the ARP ships or the new premium DDs
  12. I use Deceased Daisies icon pack and they have the SIMS as a 9km torp range when it is 5.5 I dont know where to go to tell them that.
  13. I have tried downloading the latest patch 3 times now and everytime it finishes chrome says it is virus and wont let me run it. I have used this since you started it so I know everything is ok but somewhere chrome is seeing something wrong.
  14. Tanis_

    Incorrect torp range

    looks like deceased needs to update some of his torp ranges again since last patch some of the US torp ranges are incorrect at least 1 that i noticed was Farragut
  15. Tanis_

    Incorrect torp range

    i did not know about the upgrade i see it now thank you!!!
  16. Tanis_

    Incorrect torp range

    i hope this works https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1214502088564869&l=4026f47044 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1214502098564868&l=3be58876be https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1214502091898202&l=885ca3a879 First is a picture of the sims in the dock with torp on the right open showing the range. 2nd is a pic of the loading screen showing the range of each hsip and it showing the simms with 9.2 range not the 5.5. and the 3rd is a pic of the Mini map showing the range of the torps.

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