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  1. Frindslist unavailable

    OK, thanks
  2. Frindslist unavailable

    What was the solution?
  3. Aslain to Hospital

    You will roll out from the Hospital witth a 15-0 Victory; they will be successful and you will continue with your life.
  4. Black screen with WoT mousepointer

    Re-installation did it, now it works and with the inf file saved I have all my settings so now I'm a happy camper. Best Regards Digger007[GL0B] EU
  5. Black screen with WoT mousepointer

    Then I saved the correct file Regarding the check & repair game integrity: then I should have the same problem after removing the content in res-mod and reinstalled 9.1.17_12. I hope that the re installation will fix it
  6. Black screen with WoT mousepointer

    So this could be linked to some old mod that are not removed and installed outside the res_mod folder. Should I test a re-installation of WoT? What file should I keep top secure that I have my Aslain settings?
  7. Hi Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v.9.17.1_12 is working and after this I'm getting a balck screen with only the WoT mouse pointer. I delete the Res-Mod folder and re-instal 9.17.1.!2 and then the game starts up. I hace attached the logs from + a screen shoot. Let me know if you need more info. Best Regards Digger007[GL0B] EU Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip Correction: I delete the content of the Res_mods folder
  8. Adding a SixthSense

    Hi Aslain Is it possible to add this classic Sixth Sense picture? Best Regards Digger007[GL0B] EU server
  9. Hi In Earlier version of this excellent mod pack there was an option to down load clan icons from the different servers (NA, EU, RU, ...), can this be restored? Best Regards Digger007[GL0B]
  10. Match start bug

    Hi It only worked one (1) battle, starting next battle then I had the same issue once more! Please help us to fix it. Best Regards Digger007 python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  11. Match start bug

    Hi Problem fixed Following the before reporting a bug then it worked! Best Regards Digger007 Hi I also have the same issue, I'll send in a bug report. BR Digger007