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  1. Player pannels in grand battles mirrored

    I can confirm this is still an issue (or an issue again). I finished the Death Star grind on Monday to get it as my first T10 tank just before the 9.21 upgrade. Last night I was running the FV 217 Badger and played my first Grand Battles -- a half dozen, on the Klondike map. Enemy side was mirrored in all of them. Random Battles were fine.
  2. Install Error: sed.exe file

    I don't think it's an installer error. The thing is, file permissions and owner status happen at the origin end, when you make the files available for download. I can't even look at those sed.exe files in my Windows, due to the permissions that are set on the file at its origin. As I pointed out in my screenshots, I can't even change the access because I do have the sufficient permissions. As you can see from the other messages in this thread, I'm not the only one who has experienced this problem. I think what you need to do is make sure that permissions on all the files available for download are set so that everyone has full access. Thanks for your attention to this. I had this problem in the past, but not for quite a while. Tried both of those multiple times. No dice. And even waited for the next update, thinking that a newer install might overwrite all the files. Nope.
  3. Install Error: sed.exe file

    I use McAfee LiveSafe, not malwarebytes. And no problem with any of the recent upgrades until this week.
  4. Install Error: sed.exe file

    In the last several updates, my install has not worked properly. I'm getting install errors due to a file named sed.exe which appears in 4 different directories. I cannot manually delete the file, because it is set up with permissions that require administrator access from the original author. I can't even see permissions for the file. During the install, if I select "Retry" I just get the same error message. In addition to the log zip file, I've attached a Word document with screenshots that show how I have tried to access the file with MY administrator access. Screenshot description: 1, 7, 8, 9 -- the files that are causing the install errors. 2 -- Error when trying to delete the file. 3 -- Error when trying to delete the file with my administrator access. 4, 5, 6 -- I can not even see the properties of the file with my own administrator access. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip Aslain Install Problem.docx
  5. Game Freezing When Returning to Garage

    Just updated to 9.19 today, straight to modpack 05. Same problem as everyone else. I noticed that the garage mod for research and stats does not update properly when the game hangs. That suggests to me the problem is either with that mod, or with something that happens before that mod is accessed. Also, when i force stop the game, either through Task Manager or by pressing Alt-F4, sometimes I can't reload the game because part of the game is still running. In those cases, the app is stopped in Task Manager, but there is still a background process running that has to be terminated separately. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Game Crashes

    I haven't had any crashes since updating out of the #00 modpack. #02 and #04 were perfectly stable.
  7. That's exactly it. It even mentions some of the files... Tanks!
  8. Thanks, Quak. The sound bank one is curious. Every time I download the modpack upgrade, the first time I start up WoT I get a warning that I've changed the sound stuff so I should restart in order to make sure that the sounds work properly. Is that normal?
  9. You said that you noticed some strings in logs that mention blocking access to some mods. So what are the strings? Which mods? That would be more specific. I know how AV permissions work. Aslain said he saw in the logs that access to some mods was being blocked. But he didn't say which ones. That's not particularly helpful.
  10. I'm just using McAfee, so there's nothing particularly odd about my security setup. I already have WoT and the launcher set up for full permissions in my firewall. Can you be more specific?
  11. Hey, it happened again, so I decided to experiment. Maybe some extra intel will help you diagnose. No changes from the logs I provided earlier today. It was Winter Himmelsdorf, Tier 3 battle. Instead of restarting the client, I decided to wait and see what might happen. (I was just fighting my LT vz. 35, nothing really to care about.) During the battle, I didn't hear any voice notifications. But the spotted target indicators kept going off, you can see them in the Freeze 1 screenshot. And the team roster would change order, I assume as it would when tanks get killed. You can see that by comparing the Freeze 1 screenshot to Freeze 2. After the battle, the screen unfroze and I was back in the garage. Garage functioned normally, except for one thing -- the mouse was very sluggish, as if the sensitivity were set really low. Continued the experiment by trying to go directly into another battle with the LT vz. 35. That one was Mines, no problem with freezing. Then when I came back to the garage, the mouse was working normally again. It appears something reset when the new battle loaded, either going into or leaving the battle interface. Hope this helps.
  12. Oops. Don't know how much they'll help, though. You could run through five or ten battles using this mod setup with no problem. Then suddenly it freezes once. Then no problem again for 10 or 20 battles. :-/ Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. Is anyone else having this problem? Occasionally the client will freeze on the opening screen of the battle, where the full team list and stats are displayed. The music will continue playing, but I'll never get to the spawn screen to start the battle. By the time I end the client in task manager, reload the client, and log back in, I've missed the first 30 seconds to one minute of the battle. It will put me at my start point, but I'm way behind everyone. Then at the end of the battle, there's a 15 second or so black screen (I guess it's updating the garage?) before I get to the battle results screen. So far I have not been able to detect a pattern... it happens on different maps and in different tanks, sometimes but not every time. it's been happening for the last few days, so I don't know if it's a WoT micropatch issue or something with one of the mods. It would seem weird if it was a mod though, because it's fairly infrequent. I have noticed that it does seem to happen on the first battle after startup, but even that hasn't been consistent.
  14. arty log mod placement

    How about shifting it so that the default location is just to the left of the Battle Observer? That's a relatively open space, and you wouldn't have the resolution concerns.
  15. Please stop using shout box for errors and bugs

    I know. I'm just being an instigator.