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  1. yep, yesterday i finally updated modpack (from, since none of my mods were updated since back then), and the camo still are not working as intended. When i applied camo to some of my tanks yesterday, it was there this afternoon, but when i applied it to other tanks, it was removed from the tanks i did set up yesterday (and didn't come back when selecting them in the garage). i'm considering switching back to v1.0.2.2 #03 (before adding Customization Manager) to at least get a mod i were most used to, even though it was as bugged as the new one
  2. up any news about that issue ?
  3. my ping is about 40~50ms when i log in, i also ran a ping command into windows terminal (54 packets) for an average ping of 43ms how can we have our camos applied on tanks? do we have to stay in the customization hangar for a bit, do we have to wait a bit before applying camo to another tank ? fun fact, i have a better ping on RU3 than on EU2 (2ms less on average though)
  4. it's "VK 168.02", not only "K 168.02"
  5. i've made a video of the bug on youtube (link below) in the description is listed everything i spotted, so it may help ShuraBB to troubeshoot it if any further info is needed you/ShuraBB can PM me in game (i also follow that thread here) edit : forgot to include the logs and yet deleted them
  6. ellana29460

    few mods are updated, can you add them back ?

    yeah, i just put the links i found, but i dont know if there are any other source for them my link is so you can see the screenshot below with the comments, but it's solved now, so no harm i've mistaken in the mod name with the bug, it's Battle Stats, who was removed from modpack (found it on wotspeak to still have it, but with a malware, seems). i was telling you that so you don't add it back without checking it
  7. hi i was looking on wotspeak, and saw those two mods that claim to be up to date, and still are not in the modpack : - spotted enemies without XVM : https://wotspeak.ru/mody-world-of-tanks-wot/398-marker-indikator-zasveta-vragov-v-ushah-bez-xvm-dlya-world-of-tanks-wot.html - crew skills informer (backspace) : https://wotspeak.ru/mody-world-of-tanks-wot/463-indikaciya-umeniy-i-navykov-perkov-ekipazha-v-boyu-dlya-world-of-tanks.html also, it seems the battle observer mod (to show stats of the players) contains a virus, it converts the "what's new" window in game to an ads website (see that thread on WoT international Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/wotinternational/permalink/1646196848826568/) any news from ShuraBB for the auto camo bug ?
  8. just done, same bug as before (new logs attached) i cleared game cache, deleted dlc cache folder, etc Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip [edit] i applied camo to M37 and Bulldog, then checked on M37, and winter camo was gone (as before) [edit 2] also tried to clear %appdata%, no change (and i had to spend 10mn to reconfigure the game to my taste)
  9. windows 7 here, didn't work well, at least my tanks have their camos when i get to play on el halluf or sand river ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ video below shows the issue i have 2018-06-17_21-54-56.mp4
  10. same bug here, equipments load well, but not the camo (depending of the tank, it seems to load well for the desert camo, but the other ones are messed up). it may be because of the new customization hangar ? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip [edit] preset styles work well (frontline, football) except for ranked battles, it dismount but doesn't mount back, custom styles are heavily messed up
  11. I selected your icons (original icons colored with your style), but it installed the "simple with small/big font". also, it's been few years now that when i update the modpack the "show results from previous battle" mod in the chat mods section is always deselected. I'm used to go and select it back, but it'll be way less annoying if i didnt have to do it and the modpack remembered it as any other mod in there. thanks for bringing us the modpack ASAP every update, you are doing a great work on it and so i dont mind small mistakes as those above Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  12. I've had an issue with a mod since about 2-3 weeks Every now and then, the chat disconnects : i can't add people to friend list, blacklist, and read private messages (even though the chat window blinks in orange color) It get frozen with the loading wheel "connecting" (kinda like the "synchronizing garage" one when a battle ends and you are in hangar). At that time, i can either wait the time needed for the chat to connect back by itself, or restart the game I've been trying each one of my mods one by one, and it's caused by the file named "libs.networking.wotmod" in /mods/ I have a few other mods, but none of them are troubling other mods, since they only affect the game appearance (old girls und panzer crew icons, golden type 64, girls und panzer GUI, etc) I still can play with it, but it's frustrating when you see someone messaged you and you can't read it (have to fully restart the game, and hope it wasn't a long message in that case it's dismissed automatically by the game anyway, if anyone has a clue what is going wrong with my mods, i'd be happy to read about it Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. ellana29460

    KV-2 deus vult skin

    Hello everyone I've just finished to make KV-2 look awesome, and i was thinking "why not sharing it with the community ?". So I've uploaded it to the official mods portal, and there it is : https://wgmods.net/1189/ It would be an honor to have it in the best modpack, so i'm posting it here, just in case it catches someone's eye... I also made some other skin mods, so feel free to browse my mods on the official mods portal :) [edit] the Russian emblem on the turret is part of another mod, it's not in the skin
  14. same for me, XQMP is causing freezes
  15. ellana29460

    v9.13.39 camera and RN mod settings bug

    For the moment, I just downgraded to v9.13.35, i'll see int the changelog when it will be fixed. For the moment, v9.13.35 works fine for me, so it's OK

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