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  1. Salaminizer

    [SOLVED]No 6th sense sound

    In regards to the 6th sense sound, I deselected Pmod session stats from Aslains installer and it started working. Not sure how to access the 6th sense duration within the session stats mod, if even possible.
  2. Is there a mod to disable turning a turret-less tank with the mouse? While zoomed out (not sniper) and keyboard controls still enable tank turning. Sniper view is fine. I know, I am so lazy not wanting to press the RMB every time. It is just retarded driving around in an elc or e25 at max speed, lifting off the W before a turn, and flipping your shit because you forgot to press the RMB. Thanks.
  3. Salaminizer

    Kicked out of battle to black screen

    Happened a 2nd time. I hadn't realized the "auto login" feature put me on east coast originally, so when I tried to log on again, even though still on auto, it was sending me to west coast. I uninstalled the mod pack, and tried again. still wouldn't work, which is when i realized that my original game was on east coast, so I switched it to east cost and was able to log in. My team was cursing me out because I was our last friendly with 2 enemy potatoes left. Easily killed them for the win and top xp on team. At least it ended well.
  4. a couple minutes into battle, was kicked out to a black screen. had to alt-tab to get to desktop. client was still on taskbar at bottom of window, but I was unable to return to game. had to close client. was able to open up client and loaded into battle. And won the battle! New install of Aslain mod pack an hour prior. Had done the "recommended" install. I have not tried any other fixes. I had just worked through vbaddict bug of getting stuck on loading into client. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  5. Salaminizer

    4.67 issues

    So what is the fix for the auto aim issue? it 100% does not work for me now, where as this past week it has been just buggy. this is with either one of the mods checked.
  6. Salaminizer

    low fps and load in times

    Sorry for wasting your time. It appears the computer was in power saving mode! I feel pretty stupid. I was trying to figure out if it was an update I installed the other night, then I realized I had been using the computer at school unplugged for a while, and had put it in power saving mode. Anyway, there is about 80 fps difference in between power saving and high performance. I just did a quick check in a training room. Tomorrow I'll make sure that was the issue. If you don't hear from me again, that was it.
  7. Salaminizer

    low fps and load in times

    Well I don't know what is going on now. Reinstalled mod pack with a bunch of different mods, and everything works fine. I don't know what would cause my fps to act all crazy like this. I even turned the anti-virus off, with no effect. Nothing else is running. System performance is good. My computer is more than capable of handling this game on high settings with no issues. Everything was fine until 2 days ago. About when it started to tell me windows 10 was ready for install (which I haven't installed yet). I'm wondering if it is an update I installed.
  8. Salaminizer

    low fps and load in times

    This time I tried "recommended xvm setup + modpac choices (Aslain's setup)" and removed the OTM section. loaded in at 18 seconds, and fps started out about 45fps, but then dropped to about 16fps while battling. Totally unplayable. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  9. Salaminizer

    low fps and load in times

    continued from above reinstalled with "recommended xvm only settings (by Aslain)" with "other xvm settings" deselected (as above), and now "over target markers (OTM)" deselected. Much better!!! load in time was still long, 19 seconds, and at that instant fps was 2. after a few seconds game went to 120 fps and remained in the 100-140 range entire game. I'll attach the logs just in case. Still isues with the load in time. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  10. Salaminizer

    low fps and load in times

    continuing from my above post... reinstalled mod pack using "recommended xmv only settings (by Aslain)", with the "other XVM settings" deselected (and of course clean install with clean cache). Problem persists; loaded in at 16 seconds, fps throughout game 20-30. Attached logs. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  11. Salaminizer

    low fps and load in times

    Thank you for the reply. However, problem still exists for me. I uninstalled mod pack, and everything works fine. I load into game at 29 seconds and at that instant the fps is about 7, but over the next few seconds it jumps to 100 to 120 fps and remains there the entire game. This is normal for me, and how game has always been on this computer. I am also running on low graphic detail, which I remember to reselect every time I clear the cache. I only mention that because running on high settings will lower my fps, but in this case that is not the issue. Always on low. I reinstalled the mod pack using a "custom" setting with NOTHING selected, and selecting clean install with the 2 check marks selected to clear the cache. Again, no problems. Good load in time, good fps. Identical to having no mods (yes, I know, it is no mods). I then reinstalled the mod pack using "recommended XVM only settings (by Aslain)", and with a clean install and 2 check boxes checked. This is where the problem starts. I load into game at 18 seconds, and at that instant the fps is 2. Over the next few seconds it jumps to 20-40 fps and remains there throughout the game. It does not go above 40 fps, but may have dipped below 20fps a few times. Mostly it remains in the low 20s fps. This is very hard to play game at. Even when just driving out of cap circle before any enemies were spotted the screen is very erratic. The attachments were from this specific game. Do you want anything more? I will play around with it some more and see if I can find out exactly which mod is causing prolems. python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  12. Salaminizer

    low fps and load in times

    As of yesterday I have been having issues with low frames per second and long load in times. I will load into the game around 15 seconds into count down, and fps will be 1, then it goes up to about 20 once game starts, and remains around 20. Sometimes it will go up to 120-140 fps, which is normal for me, but once more enemies are illuminated it will drop down 20 or 40 fps. I have never played at 20fps before, but it is terrible! Game is pretty much unplayable. I mean, I could play it, but I miss all my shots. This morning I deleted all mods and deleted game, reinstalled game, and it appeared fine. Once I put in the mod pack, it went down hill. I have tried different variants of the mod pack today, from full customization, to "xmv and Aslain recommended mods" and the "xvm recommended" mod. I even did a customized configuration with nothing selected. Initially I was only doing the "clean install", but later on I was installing the mods using "clean install" as well as removing contents and resetting the cache. I'll probably mess around with it again tomorrow. I have just done so much deleting and reinstalling today that I have no idea what is what anymore. Thanks _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  13. Salaminizer

    Client Won't Launch Properly

    fixed with v.3.18_92 v1 Thank you!
  14. Salaminizer

    Client Won't Launch Properly

    I too am having a similar problem. Today I updated to newest version, made sure I did a clean full install and removed contents of the 2 caches. I watched one replay (wotreplays) and that was fine, but was unable to load 2nd replay. It opens for a split second and disappears. When I launch the game (to play), I click on the "play" button, and again it briefly loads, but disappears. I reinstalled mod pack, but this time removed the "replay manger", figuring it may be this. Same problem. Unlike the above guy, it isn't running in background. I have checked task manager and it's not running. It appears to just turn off. Edit: If I update mod pack, i can play 1 game session. If i log out, I cannot play any more until I reinstall mod pack. Do you have older versions we can use? _Aslain_logs.zip python.log

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